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Raiders Las Vegas Stadium: NFL Team Has 62-Acre Site

May 11, 2017
Data Visualization, Land Development
By: Vivian Nguyen

This post is about the new Raiders Las Vegas stadium.

Just like many of you, we are football fans. We are also fans of spatial data and mapping, so it shouldn’t surprise you that we might want to participate when the two collide.

Raiders Las Vegas Stadium

In this case, we have seen a lot of stories recently about the new Raiders Las Vegas stadium. Specifically, we read about the early news of the Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas, the variety of reactions from Raider Nation and where the team will put a shovel in the ground and start digging.

But like a lot of stories we see relating to properties and parcels, there’s usually not a good map. With our mapping tool, Landvision, we were able to bring this story to life.

Here’s A Look At The Site For The New Raiders Las Vegas Stadium

The land, four parcels between Russell Road and Hacienda Avenue and between Polaris Avenue and Dean Martin Drive, is just west of Interstate 15. Here’s a good look from the air high above:

Raiders Las Vegas Stadium Site Map

It turns out that the Raiders have had an option to buy the four parcels, which consist of 29.2 acres on the south portion, 26.51 acres on the north portion, a 4.16-acre lot on the northwest corner and a 2.71-acre lot on the northeast corner.

The land had a listed value of $40 million. Seem right?

And here’s a tighter view of the four parcels:

Raiders Las Vegas Stadium Site Map

Buyer? LV Stadium Co. LLC

The listed buyer of the property is LV Stadium Co. LLC, whose managing member is the Raiders, according to the secretary of state’s website.

Seller? The Nevada Land Group

The seller was Nevada Land Group LLC. The managing members of Nevada Land Group, as filed with the secretary of state’s office, include Barclays Bank PLC, New York; Credit Suisse Management LLC, New York; High Floating Rate Opportunities Fund of Highland Capital Management LP, Dallas; and Nexbank SSB, Dallas.

Here’s how we know all of this:

Raiders Las Vegas Stadium Land Owner Details

The Site Was a Foreclosure

According to county records, the banks foreclosed on the land after a contract breach in December 2008 by Weststate Land Partners.

Now You Know

Now you know what we know. And, just like you, we’ll be very curious to see how well the Las Vegas Raiders compete for hearts and minds in the desert, for fans in the seats and against the competition.

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