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National Get Organized Week: Two LandVision Features That Will Help You Keep Your Data in One Place

October 3, 2018
Location Data, Location Intelligence
By: Jason Holte

In honor of National Get Organized Week, commit to reducing digital clutter with location intelligence.

If you’re anything like us, then there is at least one area that you can think of that could benefit from a little clean-up. It could be a garage that you haven’t been able to park in for years, a closet that has just about reached its capacity, or even just that junk drawer that always seems to become the perfect forever home for any loose articles that you aren’t ready to part with. Everybody has at least one, and regardless of size, mustering up the energy to declutter a space can be a daunting task.

Every year, the first week of October is recognized as National Get Organized Week. This is the week to set time aside to tackle those reorganization projects that have been sitting on your to-do list for far too long. It can be easy to identify physical spaces that need to be organized, but what about the data that your organization uses to analyze new properties?

If you struggle with disparate data sources, here are two ways LandVision can help you get organized and create a single source of truth.

LandVision Has Robust, Pre-Organized Data

LandVision visualizes SmartParcels, our nationwide parcel database that ties over 300 property and tax attributes to parcel boundaries. This allows you to easily find the ownership information, zoning and land use, and much more for any property that you are interested in. Thanks to our proprietary web service, SpatialStream, the latest content related to a property is continually streamed into LandVision in real time. This gives you the confidence of knowing that you’re always working with current, accurate information.

What makes SmartParcels different is the fact that we do the heavy lifting when it comes to collecting and normalizing data. This benefits you in two ways. First, we save you the time that you may otherwise have spent going from county to county aggregating data. And second, we’ve normalized the data, so SmartParcels content is ready to be visualized on a map when the time comes for you to begin your research. If data organization is on your to-do list for this year, then finding an application that aggregates and provides robust, normalized information right out of the box is a great first step towards accomplishing that goal.

LandVision Lets You Organize Your Own Data, Too

While our application is designed for you to be able to start using it immediately after activation, you may have entire sets of information that you use frequently that aren’t streamed into LandVision by default. Luckily, our tool enables you to easily import any compatible data that you need to be able to fully analyze properties.

If you frequently utilize proprietary datasets or other third-party data in your work, then LandVision can help place all of the information that you need to do your job within one application. Whether your data is housed in shapefiles or spreadsheets, you can upload it as a layer within LandVision. That way, our content can seamlessly integrate with the resources at your disposal to provide you the full picture around a set of prospective properties.

We could all stand to benefit from a little more organization in our daily lives. You may not get around to cleaning out the garage this year, but LandVision can help you clean up the digital clutter that might accompany your existing site analysis process. Location intelligence should be easy to use. Take some of the hassles out of the equation, and work faster and more efficiently by accessing all of the data you need to make a decision in one place.

Do you want to learn more about how LandVision can help streamline your property data analysis? Contact us today if you’ve got any questions, or click here to schedule a demo and see LandVision in action!

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