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New SpatialStream API: Parcel Dimensions

September 2, 2011
Parcel Data, Product Update
By: Jason Holte

There’s no getting around it – we at Digital Map Products love parcel boundary data! Even better, we love using parcel boundaries in creative ways in mapping applications!

For several years now we’ve offered web services that make it easy for our customers to add parcel boundaries to their mapping & GIS applications.

View Parcel Dimensions using SpatialStream

One of the most commonly requested features to our web services is the ability to show parcel dimensions for a selected property on a map. The SpatialStream™ engineering team recently took on this challenge and has developed a great solution that is available for you to add to your application with only a few lines of code.

Here’s What Our New Parcel Dimensions API Can Do

With our new Parcel Dimensions API, you have the option to show the area and perimeter, the length of each side of the property or both at the same time. You can even customize your parcel dimensions by setting the size, color, font and units (Metric or US) of the display.

All of this is really cool, but our Engineering team didn’t stop there – you can display dimensions for any shape layer available through SpatialStream™, including your own custom data loaded through one of our data loaders. The dimension layer supports both polygon and line features and can be used to measure project areas, drawn geometries, road segments, pipelines, and countless other data sets.

We’re excited to see the many different ways our user community will integrate this highly requested new feature. And of course, we’d love to hear your ideas on how you could integrate this new spatial feature.

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Download a Parcel Data Sample

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