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Brokers at NAI Shames Makovsky Win More Deals Using the DMP Platform

June 26, 2019
Commercial Real Estate, Success Story
By: Jason Holte

Commercial real estate brokerage NAI Shames Makovsky depends on LandVision™ to optimize property research and owner identification.

NAI Shames Makovsky offers brokerage, property management, investment, and development services in the Denver area. The company has been operating in the market since 1971, providing solution-driven, innovative, and decisive services to the community. We spoke to Operations Manager and Marketing Director Deb Stevens to learn why the company relies on our map-based real estate application, LandVision, to give its brokers the information they need to identify and close profitable opportunities.

Denver Skyline | How LandVision Streamlines Property Research for NAI Shames Makovsky

Land Clients With Compelling Data

Prior to using LandVision, brokers at NAI Shames Makovsky lacked an efficient method for gathering property research data. This often left them unable to get a complete, reliable overview of their market. Now, Stevens’ team uses LandVision to look up ownership and property information, conduct demographic searches, leverage aerial map views, and visualize points of interest within a specific area. This helps brokers at NAI Shames Makovsky come to client meetings with the information they need to effectively pitch and win new business.

“Your greatest advantage in CRE is market knowledge. We have more credibility with owners because we speak to exactly what they need,” says Stevens. “LandVision gives my brokers an advantage in their research.”

Conduct Property Research in One Application to Streamline Workflows

LandVision empowers commercial real estate brokers with complete, accurate property data in one application, helping them discover more opportunities and land more deals. This helps NAI Shames Makovsky streamline their property research workflows by eliminating the need to switch between applications to access the information that their brokers and research teams need.

“Before LandVision we used two products to access property information,” Stevens explains. “The whole process wasn’t very user-friendly or efficient. LandVision saves us time by giving us all of the information we need all in one place.” 

Benefit from Ongoing Support for Your Team

NAI Shames Makovsky was able to begin conducting property research and reviewing actionable market data in LandVision the same day that their account was opened. Stevens especially appreciates the responsiveness and diligence that the DMP Customer Success team has demonstrated since her team came on board. She also noted that she no longer has to worry about maintaining data because everything is taken care of by DMP. 

“I have a couple of highly tech-savvy senior brokers using LandVision, and the application has helped them perform major research that we didn’t have the capability of doing before,” says Stevens.

Why You Should Trust the DMP Platform for Property Research

Over 20,000 real estate professionals rely on the DMP location intelligence platform to help them identify off-market opportunities and win more deals. To learn why, contact us today or schedule your free LandVision demo!

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