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Why LandVision is the Location Intelligence Solution NAI Capital Relies On

May 15, 2018
Commercial Real Estate, Success Story
By: Vivian Nguyen

As one of the largest commercial real estate firms in Southern California, NAI Capital required a prospecting tool that could streamline property data workflows and help them discover commercial real estate opportunities faster. With LandVision, they found a tool that evolves according to their needs, and contributes to the company’s dynamic growth in a competitive market.

Who is NAI Capital?

NAI Capital is the largest independently owned full service commercial real estate firm headquartered in Southern California. The company offers innovative, customized solutions and seamless service to owners, tenants, investors, and developers throughout Southern California. They are one of the largest members of NAI Global, which has hundreds of offices around the world. NAI Capital offers a complete package of commercial real estate services including transaction, valuation, investment, property management and consulting services.

Using LandVision to Discover Commercial Real Estate Opportunities

Implementing LandVision provides NAI Capital with instant access to accurate, continually updated property information. Additionally, LandVision allows NAI Capital to upload their own data to customize maps as needed. LandVision delivers speed, accuracy and the ability to visualize property data on a digital map, helping NAI Capital quickly identify and deliver the best opportunities to their clients.

NAI Capital’s VP of Research and Marketing, J.C. Casillas, finds that using LandVision as a prospecting tool streamlines his ability to access and view property data. “Before LandVision I used another program to uncover ownership, but it had basic maps without aerial overlay. Property information wasn’t always available or consistent from city and county websites.”

“LandVision took us to the next level. We can add data and layers, and highlight what we want to see with a click of a button. We can also import our own data, which lets brokers customize maps.”

All the land data NAI Capital needs is on one platform, helping improve efficiency for a variety of tasks and workflows, and making it easier to see where the opportunities are and quickly act on them. J.C. tells us: “LandVision is a one-stop shop and a great prospecting tool. Being able to geographically see ownership records on a map helps us see where there is an opportunity for land assemblage and contact owners. We can export data for mailers or to follow up with people.”

NAI Capital considered other location intelligence solutions but ultimately chose LandVision over other options. According to J.C.:

“We chose LandVision over other solutions because of how useful it is. You point and click on a parcel and immediately see who the owner is. Information is always being updated.”

Visual Analysis for a Competitive Advantage

In addition to using LandVision as a prospecting tool, the platform’s visual map displays make it easier for J.C.’s team to present information and to quickly identify where market opportunities are. “Seeing ownership records on a map makes it easier to canvas a market to uncover pockets of land where there may be a good opportunity. This includes transportation corridors, industrial office or retail.”

Visualizing spatial information and being able to review data over a map not only helps NAI Capital discover commercial real estate opportunities–it also allows them to present complex information to clients in an easy to understand format. “LandVision saves time and is an excellent presentation tool. We bring clients from out of town and use visual map displays to give them a quick, easy to understand tour of the market. If someone is new to the market, they can use LandVision to look at the geography, segment their market, build a database and uncover the commercial real estate opportunities they are going after. Visualization is key.”

LandVision Evolves According to Business Needs

LandVision’s ability to align with evolving business objectives is critical for a growth-focused commercial real estate firm like NAI Capital. LandVision supports commercial real estate clients through various stages of business.

Over the course of our conversation, J.C. often expressed his appreciation for Digital Map Products’ commitment to customer success. DMP takes product feedback and client requests very seriously, and has developed features and made changes based on customer recommendations. J.C. tells us:

“I can’t stress enough how much they listen to their clients to deliver on what clients need. This has been the key to their success.”

Thank you to NAI Capital for being great clients – we love being part of your company’s dynamic growth! Check out their success story here!

Getting Started With LandVision

Success in the highly competitive, fast-paced world of commercial real estate depends upon discovering new commercial real estate opportunities and being able to make data-backed decisions on how to best support business objectives.

LandVision helps commercial real estate firms discover new and off-market opportunities by providing location intelligence tools with visual mapping, powerful presentation capabilities, and options for customization. LandVision allows you to visually analyze hundreds of market data points on digital maps that are easy to share with colleagues and clients for reports and presentations.

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