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How App Developers Can Easily Integrate Location Data

June 21, 2019
Location Data, Technology
By: Jason Holte

Download our latest guide to learn how the use of location technology and data helps streamline mobile app development.

With the sheer number of applications available in the app store, it takes more than just name recognition to convince someone to download and use an app. Space on our mobile devices is limited, so we expect a clean user interface and truly useful features from all of our apps. Nobody likes to download an app if all it does is spam them with notifications.

Mobile App Development: How to Integrate Location Data

There are few things worse than getting a notification that has nothing to do with where we are or what we’re doing. So as an app developer, your first responsibility is to create timely, relevant experiences for your target customers. If your app will offer location-based services, accurate location data is essential to delivering good user experiences. Our new guide for app developers will show you how location technology can help you integrate the data you need without writing a single line of new code. Here’s what you can expect to learn:

Location Technology Streamlines Mobile App Development

Businesses of all kinds are beginning to understand the value of leveraging location data in their workflows and application feature sets. These are just a few of the sectors using location technology to help them build apps and mobile platforms:

The Types of Applications That Use Location Data

While the guide mainly focuses on the use of location data in mobile applications, it also explores examples of B2B applications that leverage location data. You’ll find helpful information on the core sectors that are incorporating location insights into their applications and systems to better serve their markets and internal workforces.

Why to Use a Data Provider in Mobile App Development

The first question a company typically asks after making the decision to incorporate location data into their application or systems is whether they should gather and manage their own location data, or if it is feasible to use a location API or web service to stream data. The answer ultimately comes down to what makes the most sense based on an organization’s unique needs. In this guide, we share the main reasons that companies decide to use a location API.

How Location Technology Simplifies the Building of Location-Based Features

The use of high-quality location data can help your application deliver highly contextual customer experiences. This includes personalization, targeted advertising, and more accurate information on their surroundings. If you’re planning to build an application or system with location-based features to better serve clients or to streamline internal workflows, our guide will show how a location intelligence platform that supports data delivery via an API or web service can help make your vision a reality.

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