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3 Reasons Midstream Oil & Gas Companies Need a Location Intelligence Platform

May 15, 2019
Location Intelligence, Oil & Gas Pipeline
By: Jason Holte

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Pipeline project managers and engineers aim to create value by determining the most efficient routes for getting their product from upstream to downstream. Midstream oil & gas companies require precise location intelligence to make informed, data-backed decisions about land acquisition, lease management, and other property information. Here are three ways that a robust location intelligence platform can help midstream oil & gas companies streamline their most essential operations:

Location Intelligence Helps Midstream Oil & Gas Companies Plan Optimal, Cost-Effective Routes

Pipeline planning and design are complex tasks. Considerations include constructing new pipelines, converting existing pipelines, and building facilities to support pipelines. Routing pipelines can be a massive right-of-way project. Project planners must be aware of land use, land value, hazards, environmental data, existing infrastructure, and any regulations that might prohibit the construction of pipelines in certain areas.

Midstream Oil & Gas Operations

Using location technology and data, pipeline project planners can overlay location information on a map to identify the optimal locations for storage and distribution centers, keeping them close to rail, barge, oil tanker, and truck routes. A few examples of routing data that midstream oil & gas companies can use to plan for these considerations include:

  • Terrain
  • Roadways
  • Exact mileage between points

Location Intelligence Streamlines Demand-Side Forecasting

Demand-side forecasting is a common challenge for midstream oil & gas companies that can be handled with greater efficiency when using a location intelligence platform. When delivering to consumers, location technology and data can be used to review population data including:

  • Demographics
  • Population density
  • Household growth forecasts

Instant access to these continually updated data points allows midstream oil & gas companies to make fast decisions on how much supply is required for a given market and understand the overall characteristics of the market. Location intelligence also shows how these data points have changed over time and what sort of demand can be expected at present and in the future.

Location Intelligence Facilitates Pipeline Risk Management

Mitigating the risk of human and environmental harm is paramount for midstream oil & gas companies. Location technology and data allow pipeline project planners to proactively identify natural hazard areas, such as seismic zones or flood zones, helping mitigate the risk of damages from environmental factors. Additionally, planning teams can add a layer of data illustrating where prohibitive land regulations apply.

Of course, even with the best intelligence, there’s no guarantee that problems will never occur. In the event of an accident, including the unintentional release of gas or oil, a strong location intelligence platform should provide complete ownership information for all affected areas. This information can help midstream oil & gas companies automate the process of rapidly notifying potentially affected residents. For example, automated mail merge and mailers save critical time when having to notify all the residents within a few miles of an incident. This allows midstream oil & gas companies to act fast and maintain transparency about measures being taken to protect residents’ personal safety and the integrity of their property. Similarly, if repair or maintenance work is required on any part of a pipeline, location technology and data provides instant access to contact information for landowners that could be impacted by work.

Learn How the DMP Platform Helps Midstream Oil & Gas Companies

Oil & gas companies across North America trust the DMP location intelligence platform to help them perform these tasks and many more. Contact us today to learn how our platform can help streamline your operations! You can also request a free copy of our guide, Using Location Intelligence for Efficient Oil & Gas Midstream Operations, or download our solution sheet for the oil & gas industry.

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