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How a Leading Commercial Brokerage Helps Its Brokers Create New Business Opportunities

April 15, 2019
Commercial Real Estate, Success Story
By: Jason Holte

Find out how LandVision™ helps Lee & Associates brokers across North America conduct market research and become local market experts.

Lee & Associates offers a broad array of real estate services tailored to meet the needs of the company’s clients in each of the markets it serves. Individual offices have used LandVision, our extensible map-based real estate application, since 2008. In 2018, the organization expanded access to LandVision to all of its offices across the United States and Canada. We spoke to CEO Jeff Rinkov to learn how LandVision helps Lee & Associates brokers across North America conduct market research and become experts in their local markets.

Lee & Associates Trusts LandVision to Help Them Conduct Property & Market Research

About Lee & Associates

With over 60 offices nationwide and an expanding footprint in British Columbia and Europe, Lee & Associates is the largest firm of its kind in North America. The services provided by the company to its clients include commercial real estate brokerage, property management, valuation, asset management, and finance.

As for how Lee & Associates brokers benefit from using LandVision, Rinkov explains, “our brokers are a large and growing group of local market experts. LandVision helps our brokers build and maintain market knowledge.”

LandVision Connects Lee & Associates Brokers With Complete Property Information & Market Research Capabilities

Lee & Associates brokers utilize LandVision to prospect, conduct market research, analyze properties, select new sites, interface with property owners, and more. A typical workflow includes reviewing the transaction history of any property under consideration, searching for nearby comps, and then using the ownership information in LandVision to assess property ownership details and owner portfolios. The ability to perform all of these tasks within a single application gives Lee & Associates the ability to find new opportunities quickly.

“Using LandVision, our brokers are able to get a significant amount of data about a property and use that information to quickly understand how that property fits into the market, where value creation for that property might be, and what tenants it might be most attractive to,” says Rinkov.

LandVision is Easy to Adopt

Lee & Associates prides itself on incorporating technology in any area of its business where it can create value. When it comes to adding new technology, the company defines “value” as a blend of function and convenience, and ultimately ease of adoption determines whether or not the company decides to invest. When Rinkov observed the adoption rate of LandVision within the offices that had purchased the application, he saw an opportunity to expand its use.

“The DMP location intelligence platform represented a great opportunity – the ability to deploy LandVision company-wide and offer it to every Lee & Associates broker at a great economic and technical value,” Rinkov explains.

Conduct Market Research in the Field with LandVision Mobile

Lee & Associates firmly believes that brokers are more efficient outside of the office, so mobile capability is a requirement of any new technology that the company adopts for broker use.

“We encourage our brokers to be out in the field spending time with their clients,” Rinkov says. “When you’re with your client and you have a resource as powerful as LandVision, you have the ability to generate a much stronger relationship with your client.”

Learn More

Over 17,000 commercial real estate professionals rely on LandVision to help them identify off-market opportunities and win more deals. Contact us today to learn more, or request a free demo to see LandVision in action! For more on how Lee & Associates brokers use LandVision, download the success story.

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