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Lumentum Uses SpatialStream to Enable Data-Backed Real Estate Investing

September 19, 2018
Real Estate, Success Story
By: Vivian Nguyen

The DMP platform delivers map-ready data for real estate investing platform Lumentum.

Real estate investment company Lumentum was in need of a cost-effective solution that could stream accurate and complete property data into their DigiPan application for real estate investing. The company offers a range of intelligent investing solutions to its customers and empowers clients with the data they need for fast, efficient due diligence. We spoke with Lumentum’s VP of Software Development, David Rodriguez, to discuss how Lumentum leverages SpatialStream to help customers make profitable, data-backed real estate investing decisions.

Lumentum Real Estate Investing App

Who is Lumentum?

Lumentum is the leading source of real estate data, analytics and business intelligence for distressed real estate and tax lien investors. The company’s data-driven approach is proven to maximize profits for real estate investors, with a recent case study on their blog showing how they helped one customer turn $2 million in investments into $50 million.

DigiPan is Lumentum’s tax lien data research platform which provides brokers, distressed real estate investors, and tax lien investors with a comprehensive and advanced online tax certificate management solution. DigiPan helps users to research, obtain, manage and redeem tax lien certificates, and it also assists with cash and portfolio management and collaboration. The platform offers customizable data all in one place so that investors can find parcels that fit their needs.

Real-time Parcel Data for Real Estate Investing

One particularly useful DigiPan feature is the ability to access integrated maps with powerful data visualization. This is where SpatialStream comes in.“We primarily use SpatialStream for delivery of parcel boundaries into our platform, because providing our customers with visualization is critical,” says Rodriguez. “This allows them to see real estate in relation to surrounding properties and everything around those properties, like railroad tracks and roadways.”

The goal of DigiPan is to provide investors with a simple solution for analyzing parcel data so they can make smart, data-backed real estate investing decisions. Implementing SpatialStream allows Lumentum to deliver a powerful and actionable user experience to their customers. “SpatialStream helps us give our customers the ability to complete due diligence visually, giving investors an edge in determining what they should invest in”, explains Rodriguez.

How SpatialStream Helped Lumentum Launch DigiPan

After evaluating other potential solutions, it was clear to Lumentum that SpatialStream would enable quick, cost-effective product execution. “Digital Map Products worked with us on the cost at the beginning, which was critical for us because as a startup, paying for mapping for the state of Florida was not an option,” Rodriguez explains. “Digital Map Products literally helped us get started.”

SpatialStream streams data directly into the DigiPan platform, eliminating the need for Lumentum to gather, update or warehouse spatial data. This allows Lumentum to offer data from every county and state on one platform and in one standardized format, enhancing the end-user experience for visual real estate analysis. Users can easily map out parcel boundaries and see properties in relation to their surroundings.

When asked to describe Lumentum’s experience with SpatialStream, Rodriguez says, “We are getting exactly what we expected. SpatialStream is a great mapping solution — it is extremely fast and easy to implement. Usability is exceptionally good and integrates very well with our product. Customer service has been great, and tech support is always very responsive.”

Thank you to Lumentum!

Thank you to David Rodriguez and the Lumentum team! We are thrilled that you chose SpatialStream to help Lumentum serve your customers effectively.

How Can SpatialStream Help You?

SpatialStream is a web service that enables the streaming of location data into applications. With SpatialStream, developers can spatially-enable their applications within weeks instead of months — no GIS experience, data processing, or data storage required.

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