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Introducing the New

January 7, 2019
Location Intelligence
By: Jason Holte

If you’ve visited our website recently, then you’ve probably noticed that a lot has changed!

In December, we completed a major overhaul of our website with the goal of giving you faster access to the information you need about us, our products and services, and the industries we serve. This post will walk you through what we believe are a few key areas of the new website, but we encourage you to also take a tour for yourself to see everything that has to offer!

Your Home for Location Intelligence

The New Your Home for Location Intelligence

Our new-look Digital Map Products homepage prioritizes the information that most of our web visitors are looking for. We know that you may be familiar with LandVision, GovClarity, SpatialStream, or SmartParcels already, but we wanted to place our whole location intelligence platform front and center so that you can see how the pieces fit together to make your use of the platform more valuable. We have also collected a few of our most-accessed educational resources and customer success stories for anyone who would like a quick entry point into how location intelligence can help transform business operations and help you make more confident decisions.

Giving Location Intelligence a Platform

About our location intelligence platform

We saw an opportunity to better showcase both the interconnectivity of the products and services that make up the DMP platform and the unique value of each component, so we completely redesigned how our website tells our platform story. Visit About Our Platform to learn how the extensibility of our GIS mapping applications, web services, and map-ready content makes our platform ready to grow when you are. Then, see how our Professional Services team can help customize your platform experience to better fit your needs, even if they include tailoring our applications to integrate with your legacy workflows or CRMs!

You’ve Got Challenges, We’ve Got Solutions

Industry-specific location intelligence solutions

Over 1,200 businesses and government entities trust the DMP platform to help them make more confident, data-driven solutions. Whether you’re a commercial real estate broker looking to win more deals, a right-of-way specialist at a utility company, a city planner looking for help in making the transformation into a smart city, or any other role that includes the use of location technology and data, we wanted to create a place where you could see how our platform helps professionals in your industry work more efficiently. Visit About Our Solutions to see the industries that most commonly rely on our spatial intelligence platform, then visit the solution page we’ve built for your industry for a unique look at frequently-used platform features that can help make your work easier. Don’t see your industry listed? Simply fill out the short form at the bottom of the page or contact us and one of our representatives will be happy to walk through your business needs to see how our location intelligence platform fits in!

Never Stop Learning

Learn more about location intelligence

One last area that we’d like to draw your attention to is our revamped Learning Library. Our user-friendly platform is ready to use out of the box, but we know that sometimes you may need a little more information. From the latest blog posts to our in-depth guides, our Learning Library is here to add a little context to the wonderful world of location intelligence. With just the click of a button, you can also filter for resources tailored specifically to your industry!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this walkthrough of our new website. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our products or our industry-specific solutions!

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