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Location Intelligence Helps Government Agencies Manage Marijuana Legalization

May 10, 2018
GIS, Government
By: Vivian Nguyen

Here’s some great news for Esri ArcGIS® users – Digital Map Products now offers bi-directional integration between Esri’s ArcGIS platform and ours!

If you’re an Esri ArcGIS user who struggles to keep your data current, SpatialStream can now help. With SpatialStream for ArcGIS, you’re able to stream our nationwide parcel database, SmartParcels, into your ArcGIS platform in real-time, without worrying about processing data or managing costly updates to your database. With this enhanced SpatialStream capability, you get the best of both worlds – our data and your existing ArcGIS workflows. These new capabilities are built to work the way that you work and provide multiple implementation options, including WMS/WFS, a plugin (for ArcGIS Pro), as well as an API.

If you’re one of our LandVision or GovClarity users and also have an ArcGIS platform, you’re able to pull Esri feature layers from ArcGIS into one of our easy-to-use applications. You can search, filter, and manipulate this data just like you would with any of our other data sets.

In the coming weeks, we will feature various use cases showing you how to leverage SpatialStream within ArcGIS, as well as how to leverage ArcGIS feature layers in our apps to support your business objectives. You can now read our first use case on property blight.

Even if the regulation of marijuana legalization is not a priority for your agency, this post will still resonate if you are seeking a simple way to apply location intelligence to your workflows.

spatialstream for arcgis helps manage marijuana legalization

Current Status of State Marijuana Laws

Legalization remains a controversial issue, and at the moment, the current administration is pushing for stricter enforcement of federal laws against recreational or “adult use” of marijuana. While individual states set up the general guidelines, it’s ultimately up to city governments to outline and communicate specific marijuana legalization laws and permitting processes for their region.

All states where marijuana is legalized have city-by-city laws mandating the distance that must be kept between growers, manufacturers, dispensaries and the schools, playgrounds, parks, daycare centers and residential areas where kids play. Additionally, zoning bylaws control how land can be used and where cannabis companies can grow, manufacture, and sell their products.

SpatialStream for ArcGIS WMS/WFS

With all its complexities, it’s no surprise that state agencies and municipalities are looking for tools and resources to help manage legalization. They must maintain accurate and current spatial awareness to ensure the marijuana industry is working within the defined regulations. If your agency has been buying data in bulk and storing it on your servers, that data is static and may not be accurate — and as you know, regulations are changing quickly!

Streaming SmartParcels into ArcGIS can help solve this problem. SmartParcels is our nationwide parcel database that ties 300+ property and tax attributes to property boundaries. This includes critical data such as ownership information, transaction history, and more. With this SpatialStream enhancement, you can now tap into the most current data without changing the workflows you’ve set up in ArcGIS. There is no data processing or warehousing required, as we manage all of the updates for you.

The Before Scenario

Let’s use an example relating to regulating marijuana gardens. A government agency in California used to receive static parcel and property data in bulk. They would spend significant time processing the data, hosting that processed data on their ArcGIS servers, and then publishing it to their internal users who needed it. Finally, their internal users would grab small pieces of that data for use in an app that their field inspectors needed to conduct code enforcement. When another data delivery came around, the whole process had to be repeated.

This process was not only tedious and resource-intensive, but also immediately put their data at risk of being out of date.

…And After

Using SpatialStream for ArcGIS with our WMS/WFS implementation, the California agency cut out processing, hosting, and publishing data – optimizing their workflow substantially. Now they can stream SmartParcels data, including ownership information, property boundary lines, and land use, directly into ArcGIS in real-time. This layer of data, combined with their cannabis permitting data, allows them to immediately visualize compliance of growers, manufacturers, and dispensaries in their region, and contact individuals as necessary.

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During the journey to legalization, the laws and regulations will continue to change. Using SpatialStream for ArcGIS is a simple way to help your agency manage this process and ensure safety for constituents as the cannabis industry grows.

Learn more about how SpatialStream for ArcGIS can help streamline your location intelligence workflows.

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