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Why Pismo Beach Relies on the DMP Platform to Deliver Accurate Location Insights

August 1, 2019
Government, Success Story
By: Jason Holte

The location insights delivered by the DMP platform help the City of Pismo Beach Fire Administrative Department cut its time spent on inspections by 50%.

Michelle Pearson is an Administrative Assistant for CAL FIRE & the Pismo Beach Fire Department, and she works with numerous city departments. Her department was using a property data system that delivered outdated and inaccurate information, which was costing them valuable time in their everyday operations. To address this challenge, the city made the switch to the DMP location intelligence platform. Ever since, they have found that the DMP platform’s automation capabilities and complete, accurate location insights have helped the city operate more efficiently.

Pismo Beach coast | Why Pismo Beach Relies on the DMP Platform to Deliver Accurate Location Insights

Pismo Beach Saves Time Thanks To Streamlined Workflows

Pearson primarily uses our map-based real estate application to access property owner portfolios, which are essential to property inspections. The application allows Pearson to easily create and export contact lists by simply clicking on a parcel and generating a list, reducing the time that it takes her to identify property owners. When properties require work, these and other location insights allow her to quickly notify owners.

“The DMP platform cut my time in half,” Pearson says. “It went from taking me more than 40 hours over 2 weeks to do inspections to about 20 hours.”

City Departments Can Access Updated Location Insights For Complete Reliability

Prior to adopting the DMP platform, the City of Pismo Beach was using a program that did not deliver accurate information, making it challenging for Pearson to complete her work. Because the DMP platform provides all of the location insights that the city needs within a single application, Pearson is able to quickly access up-to-date information and efficiently navigate complex workflows.

“DMP data is continually updated, and this makes a huge a difference to me,” Pearson explains. “Our planning department sends out public meeting notices, and they come to me 4-5 times per year to do this for them because it’s easier for me to manage using the DMP platform. I can do a 300-ft. public meeting mailing in minutes.”

The City Benefits From A User-Friendly Interface

The DMP platform’s intuitive, user-friendly interface enables users to easily find the location insights that they need, and Pearson appreciates that the platform is so easy to use. Although DMP offers product training sessions and webinars, she has not needed them, finding she could easily train herself to use the platform. In particular, the extensibility of our map-based real estate application has impressed Pearson.

“I can easily upload shapefiles, type in the size I want, and then display them on the map in just a couple of clicks,” Pearson says. “I haven’t found other programs that are as easy to use!”

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The DMP location intelligence platform is trusted by more than 200 government entities, including the State of California and over 30 of its departments. Contact us today for more information, or request a free demo to see our platform in action!

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