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In One Click: 5 Features That Save Serious Time For Commercial Real Estate Brokers

November 10, 2017
Commercial Real Estate
By: Vivian Nguyen

Location-based technology is helping commercial real estate brokers track their activities. With one click, get ready to save some serious time. Here’s a quick read to learn how!

In today’s tech-enabled world, sometimes all you need is just one click on your mobile device or computer to access information that once took hours, or even days, to gather. People rely on effective “one-click” solutions to work faster and focus on higher value efforts. When it comes to commercial real estate, one-click features paired with spatial technology can help commercial real estate brokers visualize data, save time, impress clients, and build their business.

commercial real estate brokers, location-based mapping technology

1. Find Off-Market Opportunities with Location-Based Mapping Technology

Most brokers spend a lot of time researching and looking to find those elusive off-market opportunities. This is especially when listings are at an all-time low. Commercial real estate brokers using location-based mapping technology can quickly and easily find off-market opportunities using a specific set of search criteria. One click is all you need and your map will instantly be populated with criteria that can include office buildings, industrially zoned properties, underutilized areas, buildings with tear down potential and much more. You can also search for property characteristics, type, shape, and size.

2. Real Estate Market Alerts for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Location-based mapping technology allows commercial real estate brokers to set market alerts, helping you and your team to keep pace on all commercial real estate activity happening across the United States. One click shows you how many properties transact per month on average in your market – knowledge you definitely need when it comes to knowing your market and identifying the trends starting to take shape. For example, are foreclosure rates in a certain area higher than usual? Are there starting to be more transactions occurring in the suburbs rather than the city? One-click market alerts keep you equipped with accurate information, delivered in real time.

3. Presentation-Ready Real Estate Maps

You can visualize data by creating an attractive, informative map for client or colleague presentations. And using location-based mapping technology, it only takes one click. For example, clicking on a parcel can quickly pull up a digital map identifying neighboring retailers and showing their logos. Without the right technology, this process usually requires a time-consuming logo search and some Photoshop work. With the right technology, it only takes seconds. Additionally, digital maps layered with data and information can be instantly sent to clients and colleagues. No more waiting hours or days for maps.

commercial real estate brokers, location-based mapping technology

4. Visualize Data for Analysis

Many brokerages are creating railway teams tasked with mapping rail systems. These are used to identify ideal spots just off the rail to build roads and distribution centers. With location-based mapping technology, you can overlay your rail map, and one click allows you to buffer the thoroughfare to see who property owners are and instantly create a list. Developing trade area logistics is much easier when you no longer have to wait for title companies or other sources of information to research massive swaths of land. You can see homeowner information, zoning, and so much more. Just one click buffers proposed roadways, instantly generating the information you need.

And now, here’s one more small but mighty feature that will be a serious time saver – all on its own!

5. Generate Address Labels for Direct Mail Marketing

Generating address labels in one click is such a simple feature, but it saves commercial real estate brokers some serious time. And there’s more – CRE brokers that leverage location-based mapping technology can greatly improve the results of direct mail marketing campaigns to generate more business. Recently published research by the Data & Marketing Association found that direct mail marketing typically sees an ROI of 17%, outranking all digital channels, so it’s clearly important for commercial real estate brokers to optimize direct mail marketing as much as possible.

With one click you are able to canvas a selected area and develop a mailer to contact owners. Technology helps you combine the power of digital data and analytics with direct mail to make it more effective. If your mailer is created using data from your technology platform, you’ll be delivering information to landowners and potential clients that they may not know themselves. You can get very specific about who you’re targeting, and you’ll have all the information you need to market to them more effectively. All it takes is just one click.

So where can you find a location-based mapping technology platform to help you track commercial real estate activity and help you close more deals in one click?

Only LandVision comes equipped with all of these one-click features. No wonder it’s used today by over 17,000 commercial real estate brokers. Are you ready to save some serious time?

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