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Three GovClarity® Features That Will Help Local Government Agencies Make Property Focused Decisions

December 21, 2017
Government, Product Update
By: Vivian Nguyen

Taking advantage of the latest data and mapping visuals, over 200 cities and counties trust GovClarity to enhance their decision-making process. Because of this, we are always looking for ways to help local government agencies provide value to their constituents.

So, what’s new?

Improve decision making process with mapping visual

In our latest GovClarity release, we are pleased to introduce a new feature, as well as share improvements in some of the most commonly used existing features. These improvements will help municipalities make informed decisions when it comes to property or location-specific projects.

These features enable you to:

  • Approve property owner project requests with ease
  • Thoroughly research projects using improved property detail reports
  • Access your most important information faster to help you get more done each day

About the features that will help local government agencies succeed

1. Review project requests faster: now with Bing Maps Streetside imagery

Issuing permits, approving projects, and enforcing code can be time-consuming tasks, but we can help! Gaining a rapid understanding of properties can help local government agencies conduct due diligence in determining whether to grant or deny a request from a property owner. Mapping visuals provided by Bing Maps Streetside imagery delivers additional insights into a property. This can reveal changes, elevation, or impactors from the surrounding areas that can affect a project. With complete data and visuals of a property and its surrounding areas, government agencies can confidently make project decisions and deliver quicker responses to their constituents.

2. Thoroughly research projects using our improved property detail report

You can now better research properties with our improved property detail report. The following three new sections have been added to the report:

  • Last transfer of ownership
  • Prior sale information
  • Hazard information

This information provides you with a more thorough understanding of property transactions and increases the visibility of the value and hazards that may impact a project.

3. Increase productivity through faster access to your information

Using GovClarity to browse and visualize mapping data, you will now have more streamlined access to your data.

“Tooltip” is a feature in GovClarity that allows you to hover over a parcel and quickly see a property address, APN, or multi-family information. You can now customize the information that displays on your tooltip to be specific to your needs (e.g. telephone number, land use category, or one of the other 25 fields), right from the tooltip itself. This improvement has reduced the number of clicks required to edit information from 5 to 1, helping you get your work done faster!

Interested in learning more about GovClarity and how it can benefit your local government organization? Sign up for a demo today!

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