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LandVision Version 8.18 Has Arrived!

November 15, 2012
Product Update, Real Estate
By: Richard Lin

We’ve been busy at Digital Map Products getting together the newest release of LandVision, Version 8.18.

This new version includes several usability enhancements, as well as some great new features and is the result of our customers’ valuable feedback.

LandVision Version 8.18

What’s New with LandVision?

With this latest version of LandVision, users will now be able to more easily add and work with their data with the new Add Notes and Attach Documents features which let users link unique comments, information and related files directly to a parcel. These useful features are guaranteed to save users time and make collaboration a breeze.

We’ve also provided more search and display options with the Advanced Property Search filter which lets users search by more specific criteria like land use, location, and owner-occupied status. Updates to our Inclusion/Exclusion feature let users define a custom search area or exclude an area so they can easily hone in on target markets. You can even link out to Google Earth™ from LandVision to evaluate a property of interest from a street level or terrain perspective.

Finally, we’ve made using LandVision even more convenient because Version 8.18 is now supported by additional browsers including Mozilla Firefox® and Internet Explorer® 8. We’ve also expanded our in-product help and feature documentation to ensure you get off to the right start with Version 8.18.

We’re excited about the new features available in LandVision Version 8.18 and hope you’ll find them to be useful for your real estate research, analysis and decision making!

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