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Opportunity Zones and Data Enhancements: Introducing Our Latest LandVision 2018 Update

December 11, 2018
Commercial Real Estate, Product Update
By: Jason Holte

In our latest update, we’ve introduced a highly sought-after data layer and workflow that can help real estate companies maximize tax incentives. We’ve also enabled users to gain an even greater understanding of the areas surrounding prospective properties.

It’s hard to believe, but 2018 is almost over and a new year will soon be upon us. We’ve been hard at work on a few exciting new updates to LandVision, and today we’re proud to share these new features and capabilities with you!

Searching Opportunity Zones in LandVision

Search Qualified Tax Opportunity Zones in LandVision

Qualified tax opportunity zones are areas designated by the IRS where capital gains from an investment in either property assets or stock can be reinvested for a tax deferment after their sale. In part, this benefit exists to encourage businesses and entities to invest in economically distressed communities. If you’re unfamiliar with opportunity zones, they were recently in the news because Amazon’s new headquarters in Queens, NY will be located in an opportunity zone. LandVision now enables you to specifically search for properties located in opportunity zones that also meet all of your other base requirements, such as square footage, aggregate acreage, land use, comps, nearby retail locations, and more.

Analyze Local Markets With More Robust Demographic Information

Using LandVision, you have the ability to search for properties within areas that meet your unique target demographics, including household income, education, age, race, and gender. With this update, we’ve rolled out two main improvements to this functionality. For starters, we’ve given you the ability to visualize demographic (and other) data in LandVision more easily using a few of our most popular layer styles. This allows you to overlay the information that you need much more quickly. Second, it is now possible to search for areas where a certain percentage of the population meets your target parameters. For example, if you are searching for areas where the median age is between 35 and 45 and at least 50% of the population is female, LandVision will now allow you to identify areas where those criteria are met.

Understand the Competition or Nearby Amenities With Improved Points of Interest

Do you need to know what businesses – from major brands to mom-and-pop stores, and everything in between – are located near a potential development? Historically, you would have been able to use LandVision to access information including address, service category, and phone number for over 16.4 million points of interest in the United States. As of today, you can now analyze 200 distinct characteristics related to these points of interest. Newly added data includes not only some of our most-requested information like suite numbers for multi-tenant developments, but also non-traditional pieces of data such as sales volume, credit rating, franchise name, and much more.

Recognize Traffic Patterns With Enhanced Department of Transportation (DoT) Data

With this update, we’ve also completed a major overhaul of the DoT traffic data available in LandVision. Where before it was only possible to see the Average Annual Daily Traffic figures and the lane counts for a given roadway, now you will also be able to review speed limits, road ownership, median type, and road type. This can be especially helpful for determining how factors such as the speed of passing traffic or the ability (or inability) to access a retail development or community when driving a certain direction may impact the viability of a project.

Easily Configure Our Mobile App to Fit Your Needs

One of the things about LandVision that we are proudest of is that it has been designed to grow with you to fit your specific needs and workflows. Until now, the only way to similarly configure our mobile app was with the help of our Professional Services team. With this update, mobile users now have the power to configure their app experience on their own. Add and change the data layers available on your mobile devices and create panel layouts unique to your desktop and mobile workflows right through your mobile device. Any notes, photos, or other changes you make to a property automatically sync the next time you log in on a desktop!

Learn More

Contact us today to learn more about how these features and functions can help transform your business. If you’re already a LandVision user and would like to download our mobile app, Apple and Android versions are available!


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