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LandVision Fall 2019 Update: An Even Easier Way to Find Opportunity Zone Properties!

September 24, 2019
Commercial Real Estate, Product Update
By: Jason Holte

We’re rolling out improvements to some of the most commonly used features in LandVision, including a new way to search for opportunity zone properties. 

With Q4 quickly coming to a close, we know that you’re looking to end the year on a high note and position yourself for a successful 2020. We’ve been hard at work on a few exciting new updates to our map-based real estate application, LandVision. Today, we’d like to show you how they could make the difference in helping you find that next big commercial real estate deal or land development opportunity!

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Improved Search Capabilities for Opportunity Zone Properties

With this release, we’re giving LandVision users the ability to locate properties in opportunity zones even faster than they could before. Previously, LandVision enabled users to search within opportunity zones for properties that met their site selection criteria, including land use, lot size, building characteristics, assessed value, and much more. Now, users can also choose to select “located in an opportunity zone” as a property characteristic to quickly visualize all of the opportunity zone properties within their map view. This makes these property searches easier to conduct, which is another way that LandVision can help put valuable time back in your day!

Enhanced Traffic Information

Also new in this release is the ability to research the increase or decrease in traffic surrounding a property over time. Our Department of Transportation data has now been updated to include the annual average daily traffic for a roadway over a two-year timespan. Additionally, LandVision users can still utilize fields such as the number of lanes, speed limits, road ownership, median type, and road type to analyze the traffic patterns in a given area. This update will allow land developers to determine whether more or fewer cars are passing by a potential build site on an annual basis. Similarly, homebuilders can use this information to identify areas that are less impacted by traffic where they can build new communities.

Upgraded Competition Tracking for Homebuilders

Builder Site Logos in LandVision | LandVision Fall 2019 Update: An Even Easier Way to Find Opportunity Zone Properties!

Speaking of homebuilders, this release makes it even easier to quickly evaluate the competitive landscape in a market. In addition to flagging all of the active or recently completed developments within a given area, our Builder Sites layer now displays the logo of the homebuilder who is developing each community. Just as our points of interest layer helps brokers and developers understand the available amenities surrounding a property, homebuilders can use this feature to evaluate which of the major players are building in a market and where they are building with a single click.

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We’d love to show you how this update to our opportunity zone properties search, in addition to the other new and improved features in LandVision, can help you make more confident business decisions. Sign up for a free demo today!

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