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Daylight Savings Time: How LandVision Helps Put Time Back in Your Day

November 5, 2018
Location Intelligence
By: Jason Holte

Eliminate time-consuming, repetitive tasks with the help of our cloud-based location intelligence application, LandVision.

If you’re anything like us, the end of Daylight Savings Time couldn’t have come soon enough. Sure, it’s now getting darker a lot earlier, but there are few simple pleasures better than that bonus hour of sleep on the Sunday after the time change!

As you enter the new work week well-rested, you might be facing numerous tasks that are more time-consuming than they should be. Your day may involve several trips into the field to evaluate properties that turn out to be unnecessary when the property you visit ultimately doesn’t meet your needs. You may waste precious time digitizing the notes and photos you capture in the field. Or, you may need to consult several different sources to access the data you need to make decisions about a property. Thankfully, LandVision can help you eliminate all of these unneeded demands on your time. Here’s how.

LandVision Day light Saving

LandVision Lets You Avoid Extraneous Field Trips

Tired of battling midday traffic on your way to and from properties? With LandVision, you get complete access to all of the information you need to identify the most viable properties so you can cut down on visits to properties that won’t meet your needs. With the click of a button, you can review ownership information, transaction history, acreage, zoning, and over 300 additional characteristics — remotely. Best of all, because this information is streamed into our application from our databases in real time, you get peace of mind knowing that the data you’re reviewing is the most up-to-date information we have. With LandVision as part of your arsenal, you can make confident, data-backed decisions from the comfort of your office.

LandVision for Mobile Syncs Automatically With Your Desktop

When you do step out into the field, your typical workflow likely includes capturing notes and photos for the properties you visit. When you get back to the office, you then have to upload those photos to your computer and summarize your notes into an email. Our LandVision mobile app helps you eliminate those extra steps. Any notes or photos that you attach to a property in our mobile app are automatically synced to your desktop the next time you log in. This frees you up to focus on tasks that can help you grow your business, as opposed to mindless data entry.

LandVision Puts All of Your Data, and All of Ours, in One Place

If your workflow involves jumping from spreadsheet to spreadsheet or website to website to collect all of the data necessary to analyze properties, then you’ll love LandVision. LandVision helps you wrangle that information into the same place. Simply drag and drop your spreadsheets into LandVision to upload and access all of the information you need for a full property evaluation. This goes for data that is proprietary to your organization, or even any that you typically gather from a third party (i.e. county-level data). If you work with information from disparate sources, then LandVision can help you create a single source of truth for your entire organization.

Unlike the end of Daylight Savings Time, LandVision can’t give you an extra hour of sleep. However, by helping you eliminate the extra steps in your current workflow, it can give you more time to spend on growing your business.

Contact us today to learn more about how LandVision can help you eliminate unnecessary tasks. You can also schedule a demo to see it in action!

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