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LandVision Summer 2015 Release is Here!

August 6, 2015
Cloud-Based Software, Product Update
By: Richard Lin

At Digital Map Products, we’re always looking for new ways to provide valuable solutions that benefit our customers and to improve the user experience with our products.

With the new Summer 2015 release of LandVision, we’ve added new features and enhanced functionality based on our customers’ feedback.

New TimeView Satellite Imagery

TimeView Imagery Satellite

The newest feature premiering with this release is the TimeView tool integrated within LandVision. Get access to the most current nationwide satellite imagery as well as a rich database of historical imagery to analyze competitors and other development activity by viewing changes over time. Take advantage of the comprehensive satellite imagery library for use in printouts and presentations.

You won’t find this aggregated information anywhere else – it’s incredibly valuable for analyzing land and property changes!

Better Performance and Data Quality

We’ve employed performance upgrades that make LandVision even faster, more stable and reliable. We’ve also significantly expanded our data coverage, now with more frequent data updates. We currently cover almost 100% of the top 25 highest growth metro areas in the US and have added transaction updates for hundreds of counties. Our new nightly data updates ensure your LandVision data is as current as possible.

Improved Points of Interest


In this release, you’ll also see improved Premium Points of Interest data in LandVision Commercial and Builder editions. We know how important the Points of Interest data is to your site and market analysis, so we’ve made it more useful for you. First, we now have a simple, consolidated form that captures all your POI research needs.

Furthermore, we made it even easier to access the Points of Interest data by linking it into the Property Summary Balloon so you can see how many Points of Interest are located on that parcel.

We’ve also added over 400 new brand icons for major retailers and restaurants to our brand icon library. Finally, LandVision Builder edition now has the ability to quickly create custom sitemaps featuring over 2000 brand logos with the Quick Map Exhibit option.

Enhanced Usability


We listen to our customers’ feedback and have redesigned popular features such as Print, Draw Circle and Owner Locate.

The Print function has been redesigned to feature a streamlined interface, print preview capability, and the ability to create custom print templates for your account. We’ve also enhanced the Draw Circle markup tool for better precision, and the Owner Locate feature for easier research.

We’re excited about the new features available in our Summer 2015 LandVision release and hope you’ll find them to be useful for your real estate research, analysis and decision making! To learn more about LandVision, visit the helpful links below:

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