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LandVision Spring 2014 Release is Here!

May 30, 2014
Location Or Spatial Technology, Product Update
By: Richard Lin

We’ve been busy here at Digital Map Products shaping up the LandVision Spring 2014 Release. This new version includes robust capabilities and enhancements and is the result of our customers’ valuable feedback.

You spoke and we listened! Making its debut in the new release in LandVision Spring 2014 Release is Document Images.* Waiting in line at courthouses or other government agencies while dealing with book and page numbers are a thing of the past. Now, it’s easier than ever to access digital copies of deeds and other property documents directly in LandVision. The actual scanned deeds associated with the property and its history contain a wealth of information to help you complete your due diligence and confirm official proof of ownership. Also available for some properties are foreclosure, mortgage,  and easement documents.

LandVision Document Images

For your convenience, we offer two flexible payment options for LandVision Document Images*: Pay-as-You-Go or Pre-Paid. With Pay-as-You-Go, you will need to enter a valid credit card number each time you want to view and download a Document Image. The Pre-Paid option allows you to purchase credits in advance for your organization that will be debited as you view and download documents.

Our most recent version of LandVision also includes a makeover of the Parcel Detail window. Analyzing properties at a glance gets even easier with an enhanced display and hyperlinks to additional information. New Property Information Balloon

The updated window features added information such as Land Use Description, Building-Area-to-Lot Ratio, and Last Market Sale stats. If the property has an additional owner, that second owner’s name will also display in the window. Going further, we completely redesigned and streamlined the Parcel Detail window for multi-unit properties such as condos and townhomes.

And that’s all not all – click on the interactive links in the new balloons to uncover deeper information. Hyperlinks can take you directly to the Property Details or Transaction History Reports. You can also run an Owner Portfolio Search** and even turn parcel measurements on by clicking on Lot Area.

We’re excited about the new features available in our Spring 2014 LandVision release and hope you’ll find them to be useful for your real estate research, analysis and decision making!

*Document Images are available in LandVision Enterprise, Commercial and Builder Editions.

**Owner Portfolio Searches are available in LandVision Commercial and Builder Developer editions.

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