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How Drees Homes Uses LandVision to Streamline Property Data Workflows Throughout Their National Offices

May 24, 2018
Home Building, Success Story
By: Vivian Nguyen

Custom home builder Drees Homes uses LandVision to access accurate property information, track competition, and help teams from across the country to collaborate more efficiently. 

drees homes manages property data workflows with landvision

Who is Drees Homes?

Drees Homes is celebrating a major business milestone in 2018 – 90 years in business! Family owned since 1928, Drees Homes has locations in 12 markets throughout the United States. The company emphasizes a commitment to excellence and innovation to deliver high-quality service to their customers. Drees Homes serves multiple markets across several states, and we were eager to discuss how the company uses LandVision to streamline property data workflows for easier collaboration among their team members.

Using LandVision to Track and Manage Property Data Workflows

LandVision helps users zero in on profitable opportunities, by allowing them to search for zoning, school districts, aggregate acreage, lot count, ownership information and much more. Users can see searches and property information layered onto a digital map, providing them with a unique perspective of their market. Drees Homes VP of Corporate Land Rex Gordon spoke to us about how the company uses LandVision to help track property information and collaborate with teams around the country.

Drees Homes needed a solution to streamline multiple workflows and ensure everyone on their team was working off of consistent information. Rex tells us, “I’m in LandVision every day. Our company uses it as a collaboration tool. We had Digital Map Products do custom programming for custom target sites with color coding. We also use it to store documents. We have property all over the country, and now everyone from anywhere in the country gets the right documents.”

LandVision provides accurate property data and easy collaboration tools, allowing Drees Homes to streamline workflows throughout their national offices. According to Rex, “LandVision definitely saves us time. We have three resource meetings a month divided over three regions, and we use LandVision as our main source of information. We pull up documents and information, and know we are all looking at the same thing.”

Get Intel on Your Competition

Custom home building is a competitive market, and knowing what competitors are up to helps Drees Homes maintain market knowledge in all of the company’s locations. Tracking competitor activity was not the reason Drees Homes sought out a location intelligence platform, but Rex and his team have found it to be a great advantage in managing property data workflows.

“An unexpected benefit for us is the ability to view builder sites on the map. This helps us link to our competition and see what they are up to. We can also see all the transactions that have occurred near properties we are looking at.”

LandVision presents all property information on a map, and users are able to search and set filters according to what they need and want to see. The visual presentation of data helps Rex see information right on a map of the area he’s researching.

“I am a visual person, and I like using LandVision because I can see properties and all the data that’s linked to them all in one place.”

Why Drees Homes Chose LandVision

According to Rex, the decision to use LandVision came after researching many other options. Ultimately, LandVision’s powerful platform and ease of use won them over. “We looked at a lot of other solutions before deciding on LandVision. We ultimately chose LandVision because we couldn’t find anyone who has these features in such an easy environment.”

Drees Homes relies on LandVision for accuracy, consistent information and the ability to collaborate easily with all team members. “LandVision has gotten better and better over the years. We were doing a lot with Google Earth and a couple other solutions before starting LandVision, but the information wasn’t consistent. Plus the ability to store documents is what really won us over.”

Download a copy of Drees Homes success story here.

Thank You Drees Homes for Choosing LandVision!

Congratulations on 90 years in business Drees Homes – we look forward to working with you as your company continues to grow! Digital Map Products is proud to work with a company like Drees Homes and to play a part in their commitment to excellence and innovation.

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