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Enhance Your Efficiency: Introducing the New LandVision for Mobile

August 31, 2018
Product Update
By: Vivian Nguyen

Mobile-first is a must-have in the digital workplace, and that includes location intelligence solutions. With the new LandVision for mobile, many of the most commonly used features in LandVision can now be used wherever you are: LandVision is available on your favorite mobile device!

What to Expect from the New Mobile App

The new LandVision mobile user experience allows you to view parcel boundaries and property information, as well as assign related media to properties of interest – text, photos, and voice. Additionally, you can also assign contacts from your phone to specific properties.

LandVision for mobile phone image

How Does the New LandVision for Mobile Optimize My Current Process?

With the new LandVision for mobile, builders, developers, and commercial real estate brokers have the ability to streamline property research, on and offsite.

For example, as a commercial real estate broker, your current workflow likely has you taking photos of properties or buildings on your phone, and then jotting down some notes on a notepad or voicing them into your phone. You’ll also have to do some research about the property and the surrounding area to determine whether it’s a viable option for your clients. At some point, you’ll pull everything together in an email, hoping you’ve paired the right information together.

Now, there’s a better way!

Being able to review, add, and analyze data during a site canvas or field visit is an impactful way to generate the best opportunities for your clients. LandVision for mobile makes that process a lot more efficient, saving time by helping you effectively seek out opportunities and track notes associated with specific properties–all from a single application.

Because LandVision is cloud-based, all of the information that’s captured during your time in the field is synced automatically to your desktop, so you’re ready to go as soon as you’re back in the office.

Here’s a Quick Recap of What You Can Do with the New LandVision for Mobile

  • View property boundaries and access property information, including ownership, transaction and tax information, and more
  • Upload contact info from your phone and tie them to properties
  • Capture field notes by text, photo and voice based on location
  • Get directions to a property of interest
  • Configure the mobile app to see your preferred data layers with help from our Professional Services team

Sounds Good! I Want to Know More.
LandVision for mobile is a great way to leverage the work you do in the field by pairing it with powerful location intelligence tools. No more switching between various platforms to review your notes, seek out client information, or to find property data. With LandVision for mobile, it’s all in one place, ready to be accessed from your mobile device anytime, anywhere.

Click here to learn more about how LandVision for mobile can give you a competitive advantage and help you discover the best opportunities for your clients.

Are you a current customer? Download the new LandVision for mobile app for apple or android today!

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