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LandVision Fall 2013 Release is Here!

October 21, 2013
Commercial Real Estate, Product Update
By: Richard Lin

Digital Map Products is excited to announce the Fall 2013 release of LandVision!

This new version includes several powerful new features including a mobile app, some major usability improvements, and performance enhancements.

LandVision COnect

CRE Software Helps Brokers Work Smarter

The LandVision user experience is better than ever. We added a freehand drawing tool that streamlines the creation of complex polygons and incorporated auto-complete in our search bar. We also simplified the process of creating and saving map views and introduced a new feature that lets you very quickly build a sitemap showcasing nearby amenities. And LandVision™ is faster than ever with our most recent performance updates.

Best of all, this release also brings a new smartphone app, LandVision Connect, designed from the ground up to make it simple for brokers to access key information and complete critical tasks while out in the field. The app works in conjunction with powerful new Contact Management capabilities in LandVision™, letting you store, organize and access contact, property and site information. With Contact Management and the Connect app, both brokers and support staff benefit.

Our most recent version of LandVision includes solutions specifically tailored to the commercial real estate community and is revolutionizing the way brokers, analysts and researchers find properties and understand their markets, helping them close more deals. Successful commercial real estate decisions require capitalizing on the intersection of data and location. LandVision™ helps you do just that, providing a single system to research properties, collect and manage data using mobile technology, and analyzing markets and opportunities.

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