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Pacific Lifestyle Homes Speeds Land Decisions with Centralized Information

August 12, 2013
Land Acquisition, Product Update
By: Richard Lin

In today’s real estate market, the need to quickly find quality land and make informed land decisions remains paramount. 

For builders, developers and multifamily firms, a successful development strategy hinges on not only delivering innovative home designs but also creating communities in close proximity to desirable amenities to create the ultimate home lifestyle.

We recently conducted a case study interview with Pacific Lifestyle Homes, a Vancouver, WA based premier builder developer that is well known for creating quality residences in prime locations. We spoke with Mark Ferris, the Land Acquisition Manager, about their increasingly complex land acquisition processes and how LandVision™ is revolutionizing their development decisions.

LandVision Mapping Display

How Pacific Life Style Homes Uses LandVision

Pacific Lifestyle Homes uses LandVision, a research, analysis, and mapping application, to quickly identify and evaluate prime development-ready lots, resulting in more rapid and accurate land purchase decisions. Here are some highlights from the case study:

Challenges before Using LandVision

Finding prime locations to create model communities for families is no easy feat. Pacific Lifestyle Homes was challenged with not only sourcing enough desirable lots and land, but also with assembling all the information required to evaluate potential sites. Because of their specific site and location criteria, they required powerful search tools to find the right land for their customers. Further, they needed a way to unify their land acquisition data in a single system to improve team collaboration and shorten the time frame for land decisions.

Effective Solutions Provided by LandVision

Using LandVision, Pacific Lifestyle Homes’ multiple information needs are fulfilled within one system, improving productivity and helping them to find land meeting their diverse criteria. They surpass simple vacant land searches by embracing a flexible mapping system that brings together comprehensive property record data, ownership information, environmental hazard data, and key location amenities like schools, restaurants, retail and more. LandVision™ allows them to easily import their unique project information such as zoning, detailed imagery, and other spatial files to achieve true centralization.  With all their property and community information in one system and linked together through the map, Pacific Lifestyle Homes achieves a holistic view of development opportunities never before possible.

An added benefit of LandVision for the team is how easy the tool is to use, and how little training is required to become proficient – readily available video tutorials, recorded training sessions and feature documentation make learning LandVision™ a breeze.

Digital Map Products is excited to have had the opportunity to conduct this case study with Pacific Lifestyle Homes. We always enjoy hearing about how LandVision provides organizations with tremendous advantages to serve as an expert in their market and to seize opportunities that otherwise may be missed. By arming themselves with the quality data, robust mapping technology, and analytical tools of LandVision, businesses can reduce risk and stay one step ahead of their competition.

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