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3 Things You Can Do in LandVision™ That You Can Now Do in iOS 13

September 27, 2019
By: Jason Holte

iOS 13 is available now, and as usual, its arrival brings a host of new features. Here are three that will be familiar to LandVision™ users.

iPhone users, have you updated your phones yet?

Man using iPhone in public

Last week, Apple released the latest update to its mobile operating system. As was the case with the iOS 12 release last year, this year’s iOS 13 release gives iPhone users the ability to do several things — large and small — that they could not do in the past. At launch, the majority of updates (including the much-anticipated dark mode) will mainly affect Apple apps, the home screen, and menus, but over time third-party apps will update to provide the same user experience.

As we reviewed this list of updates, we couldn’t help but notice that iOS 13 includes a few features that our map-based real estate application, LandVision, currently delivers to our customers. Let’s take a look at three features in particular that LandVision users can leverage to collaborate efficiently, keep track of opportunities, and add context to properties.

Save Properties On Your Map in iOS 13

iOS 13 gives Apple Maps users the ability to save properties, such as their home, office, or even most-frequented coffee shop, as favorite locations on their map. This feature is intended to come in handy when planning a trip, allowing users to flag can’t-miss sites within a collection before their vacation. 

Creating a MySite in LandVision | 3 Things You Can Do in LandVision™ That You Can Now Do in iOS 13

Using LandVision, real estate professionals can also track properties that pique their interest using the Field Sites and MySites features. Creating a Field Site gives builders and land developers the ability to name a site, track the status of a property through all phases of their site acquisition process (such as due diligence, active pursuit, or pre-development), add contacts, and capture notes related to the property or any activities that are taken. Field Sites are also color-coded by status and added to their own map layer so that they can be visualized easily. 

For commercial real estate professionals, MySites function essentially the same way. Rather than site acquisition status, however, brokers can track the selling status of a property and input details related to its condition, frontage, and traffic counts.

“Look Around” in Apple Maps

Streetside view in LandVision | 3 Things You Can Do in LandVision™ That You Can Now Do in iOS 13

Also new in iOS 13 is the ability to “look around” in Apple Maps, a feature similar to Google’s Street View. By default, the base map in LandVision displays properties and their surroundings from an aerial view. However, a right-click gives users the ability to access a streetside view to take a closer look at a property from the ground level. This can be especially helpful when trying to visually assess the frontage of a property, or for analyzing its ingress and egress. Beyond top-down and streetside views, site profile reports in LandVision also provide customizable oblique images of properties that allow real estate professionals to display the aspects of a property and its surroundings that are most relevant to their audience. Users can also access Time View to display the most up-to-date aerial views of a location, or to see how an area looked from above during a specific range in time.

iOS 13 Adds Shared Notes

Apple’s latest update also includes a handful of features geared towards improving collaboration. One such feature is the addition of shared folders within the Notes application. LandVision users are very familiar with the ability to share notes with other members of their organization. Whether they’re in the office or using the LandVision mobile application in the field, any notes, photos, voice memos, or documents that users attach to a property are shared with any colleagues who are also using LandVision. This allows research and brokerage teams to easily collaborate on promising opportunities without important information getting lost in emails.

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