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How to Send Notifications to Property Owners

June 28, 2017
Data Visualization, Property Information
By: Jason Holte

Does your team need to notify property owners of an upcoming development, work being performed, or another reason?

Whether you are involved in utility infrastructure, oil and gas, development, government, or another right of way industry, the ability to quickly gather property ownership information can save your organization time and money.

Using the notification functionality in LandVision, you can quickly obtain property ownership information within your market area and generate a list of owners and owner addresses to send a notification. As many professionals have told us, obtaining this information quickly and effectively is important, especially in situations where you’re waiting on multiple counties to send over the information.

Selecting property owners for notifications
Figure 1: Selecting property owners who need to be notified of an upcoming project

To help solve this issue, many professionals use the notification capabilities in LandVision. In fact, they find it to be one of the best and easiest features to use. To see how to do this, check out a short video here:

If you send notifications like many other LandVision users, you can see how fast you can obtain the information, get the notification out the door and into the hands of owners. When timeliness is important, having a resource that can quickly deliver accurate data can separate you from the competition.


Whether you are notifying property owners of an upcoming project, zoning changes, or another reason, LandVision allows you to quickly notify the necessary owners. Customers from a variety of organizations rely on this information to be up to date and readily available when it’s needed. Feel free to contact us if you have a question regarding property ownership information for your next project.

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