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How Renewable Energy Companies can Capitalize on Location-Based Technology to Deliver Higher ROI

December 14, 2020
Location Or Spatial Technology
By: Vivian Nguyen

How Renewable Energy Companies can Capitalize on Location-Based Technology to Deliver Higher ROI

Demand for green energy is increasing, and renewable energy companies are working hard to keep up. Utilizing location-based technology can help these companies meet growing demand, with solutions for gathering data, improving workflows, and even avoiding risk. Here’s how:

Accurate property data

Accessing accurate property data is essential for companies seeking optimal sites for expanding infrastructure. Location technology provides access to precise property data that is always updated, removing the need to rely on outdated methods of gathering data.

Efficient workflows

Taking full advantage of a location-based technology platform can result in improving internal workflows. For example, you can:

  • Standardize data and templates
  • Send platform-generated mailers to landowners
  • Access automatically updated data

Determine accurate land value for new sites

Data-driven decision making can ensure a cost-effective approach to land acquisition. Location-based technology enables you to gain access to historical data, showing how each parcel has changed over time, which could be helpful in projecting how land value could trend in the future.

Find and avoid potential risks

Location-based technology can be used as a risk-mitigation tool that helps renewable energy companies avoid acquiring suboptimal land. Viewing this type of data offers unique insights when considering properties, making it clear where the best opportunities exist. 

DMP LightBox provides location intelligence solutions that seamlessly integrate into your company’s workflows. Our solutions offer flexible, content-rich location intelligence with compelling insights that lead to more effective decision-making for renewable energy companies. 

For more information about how renewable energy companies can fully utilize location technology, read more here.

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