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How Real Estate Software Helps Extell Manage Mayflower Mountain Resort

February 24, 2020
Land Development
By: LightBox Team

Real Estate Software is the Backbone of Mega Real Estate Development

Extell Development Company has spent the last three decades shaping the iconic skyline of New York City. At 1,550 feet, Extell’s Central Park Tower in Manhattan, NY, is one of the tallest buildings in the world. And now, the real estate developer is looking west to pull off something no one else has managed to do since 1980.

Extell has procured roughly 5,600 acres of private land in Wasatch County, Utah – around the Jordanelle Reservoir – to develop a world-class ski resort and alpine village. When completed, its Mayflower Mountain Resort will become the first full-service ski resort to be built from the ground-up in the United States since Beaver Creek opened in Colorado.

Extell’s development plans for the Mayflower Mountain Resort include three hotels with more than 800 rooms, residential real estate, a bevy of commercial units, workforce housing, and the world’s largest ski beach. To serve nearly 400 acres of skiable terrain, five new ski lifts are also being planned, along with recreational opportunities such as an ice-skating rink, Alpine Coaster, and Nordic skiing.

Managing Property Data Without Real Estate Software

Without a real estate software solution to manage property data, it wasn’t long before Extell started struggling to acquire the information it needed to manage thousands of acres of landholdings.

The company wanted to identify land assemblages and required land survey records to inform site selection for various sections of the Mayflower Mountain Resort. Extell also needed to determine the usable square footage of its property, identify land use and zoning data, as well as understand the property valuation, transaction history, and nearby land comps.

“I needed software that showed tax history and parcel information,” Alyssa Corbett, an associate at Extell Development Company, explains, adding how time-consuming workflows were taking a toll on the development team. “My colleagues were hand-drawing parcel maps.”

Leveraging Real Estate Software for Actionable Information

A real estate broker recommended our map-based real estate application, LandVision™, to Corbett. “He told me it’s the only solution that could help me with what I needed. I did due diligence along with our IT department, and found that LandVision really was our best option.”

In order to streamline their communications about the thousands of acres of land they are managing, Corbett’s team started creating parcel maps in LandVision and used the application to gather property information which could then be distributed seamlessly across project teams.

“Being able to outline multiple parcels, coordinate them with a number, and make them interactive is really helpful,” shares Corbett. “We can make parcel maps and print them, and this is especially helpful for the less tech-savvy people on our team.”

Corbett was the first on her team to use LandVision, but the rest of her team also quickly embraced the user-friendly real estate software because it enabled them to work faster. “We have LandVision maps hanging all over our office!”

Solution Fit for Mega Real Estate Development

With a 2022 deadline set for the opening, Extell is determined to advance the development of Mayflower Mountain Resort as effectively and efficiently as possible. With LandVision in their toolkit, the development team at Extell has access to all of the property information they need to make smart, data-driven decisions. Because this data is all housed in one place, each team member also gets instant access to any updated information.

LandVision’s ability to create efficient workflows and save valuable time has made it Extell Development Company’s go-to tool to track and manage 5,600 acres of land for the Mayflower Mountain Resort project. If you also want to use real estate software to find profitable development opportunities faster, request a free demo today!

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