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Builder of the Year Trumark Homes Relies on LandVision

May 24, 2019
Home Building, Success Story
By: Jason Holte

Being named “Builder of the Year” by Professional Builder Magazine is an honor awarded to homebuilders exhibiting innovation alongside impressive business results that represent the best in American homebuilding. Not only was Trumark Homes named 2018’s Builder of the Year, but the company was also particularly acknowledged for its ability to anticipate and adapt to the future needs of the homebuilding industry.

Single-Family Home Construction | Homebuilding Made Easier with Complete, Accurate Location Data

Homebuilding is a competitive industry, and this type of national recognition comes to those leveraging tools that help them succeed and stand-out. Trumark Homes Vice President of Community Development Eric A. Nelson believes the company’s use of our map-based real estate application, LandVision, helps Trumark achieve the results that set them apart.

Trumark Homes is an Award-Winning Residential Developer

Trumark Homes is a California-based residential developer that has been in business for more than 30 years and one of the fastest-growing private builders in the nation. The company specializes in home construction and has been involved in more than 8,000 residential lots, has developed more than 2,200 homesites throughout California, and has built and sold more than 1,400 homes. As Nelson explains, “I use LandVision for everything!”

LandVision Streamlines Homebuilding Due Diligence

During predevelopment, Trumark researches properties to determine if they are worth pursuing. The company evaluates several property-related data points during their pre-acquisition due diligence workflow in an effort to save trouble in the later stages of projects. LandVision is the company’s primary tool for due diligence because it delivers location-specific data that helps determine if there is a high potential for investment-draining problems with a property.

LandVision provides the information Nelson’s team needs to make data-backed decisions before committing to properties. “Using LandVision, we get straightforward location information, hazard issues, FEMA flood data, and a lot more,” says Nelson. “We can easily make sure there are no red flags, such as a fault line or other underlying problem.”

LandVision Delivers Actionable Data for Profitable Results

LandVision visualizes hundreds of data points and layers that can be reviewed based on what a user wants to see. For example, homebuilders can research school zones, natural hazards, nearby points of interest, assessed land value, land use, demographics, and much more. Additionally, using LandVision helps homebuilders easily identify property owners and access complete owner portfolios. The data within LandVision is continually updated to ensure accuracy so users always have access to the most current information. Because the property and market information they need is contained within a single application, LandVision users save considerable time and money as compared to legacy workflows and manual processes.

By overlaying multiple datasets at once, Nelson’s team can fully analyze potential development sites more quickly than they could without LandVision.

“We were using another product before LandVision,” Nelson explains. “It was limiting in parcel data, plot lines and maps, and demographics, which are data points we need. LandVision saves us valuable time and streamlines our whole workflow.”

LandVision Provides A User-Friendly Platform for Everyone on the Team

Nelson tells us that Trumark Homes chose LandVision because it offers so much information but is intuitive to use. LandVision is easy enough to be used by the non-GIS experts on a project team, and it is robust and dynamic enough to offer enormous value to technical and non-technical users alike. The platform is used broadly across all departments at Trumark Homes, allowing the company’s various project teams to collaborate using consistent information.

Property research and analysis were once difficult and time-consuming tasks, but LandVision enables the company’s land acquisition team to quickly and easily produce a comprehensive overview of its target markets.  “Our land acquisition team uses it to hunt down potential deals,” says Nelson. “They can search for and analyze deals, and we can aggregate data to fine-tune what we are doing. For example, we can track the size of nearby homes and use that as a baseline for what we’re developing.”

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LandVision is trusted by over 2,500 leading home builders and real estate developers to help them streamline property research and analysis. Schedule a demo to see LandVision in action, or contact us today to learn more!

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