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Building Business: This Home Builder/Developer’s Success in Efficiencies

January 12, 2018
Home Building, Success Story
By: Vivian Nguyen

Homebuilder and developer Bach Homes expertly tracks and manages property information using the database and mapping features in LandVision.

A little over ten years ago, Utah-based home builder/developer Bach Homes searched for a way to efficiently access land ownership information and property data. They already enjoyed a reputation for outstanding quality in the markets they served, but they wanted to improve their service even further. Their search ultimately led to Digital Map Products, and since onboarding LandVision, Bach Homes has been able to easily access the information they need while being able to efficiently track and manage land data, and provide impressive and accessible digital map displays for their colleagues and clients.

LandVision remains an important tool for Bach Homes, helping them save time and grow their business. Read on to learn how this home builder/developer has found success using Digital Map Products.

Home Builder / Developer Success Story

Comprehensive Land Data All on One Platform for Home Builders and Developers

Bach Homes accesses and manages property data and land information using LandVision. VP of Land Nick Mason and his team are able to save time and improve efficiency because they have all the information they need on one platform. They no longer have to research various sources of data to find and analyze land information.

“LandVision’s visual map displays illustrate property data in our target markets, providing easy access to parcel information. Having all that information on one platform is incredibly useful when we are researching properties. For example, one map can pull up ownership information, zoning, parcel boundaries, points of interest and more. No need to go out and create an additional map or Photoshop an existing map because everything is in one place.”

LandVision instantly provides the data and information builders and developers need to discover and analyze land opportunities. It can even help home builders and developers find off-market opportunities by making it easier to aggregate and analyze accurate data. Users like Bach Homes tap into a comprehensive database that includes a zoning map, aggregate acreage, lot count, property owner information, demographics, school districts, hazard data and much more, and then layer this information onto a digital map, providing powerful market knowledge.

Leveraging Technology, Rising Above the Competition

With LandVision helping Bach Homes work faster by providing the information they need all in one place, their ability to effectively serve clients and build a business has grown. LandVision BDE allows users to pull up multiple layers of data and overlay them on a map, making it easier for Bach Homes to know their markets and for clients to visualize and understand information.

Nick points out that LandVision helps Bach Homes deliver the kind of service their clients expect. “LandVision’s extensive database of ownership information has been a major timesaver for us, and also helps us keep track of properties we are pursuing. Easy access to accurate property information helps us consistently deliver quality service to our clients.”

Bach Homes gains a competitive edge by having the ability to easily and effectively access and deliver market information internally to their team and to clients. LandVision’s powerful market research capabilities include the ability to view property characteristics and transactions, ownership details, and also allows users to analyze competitors.

Saving Time and Delivering ROI

The ability to easily access, manage and analyze property data with LandVision helps Bach Homes grow business in their Utah-based markets. “We leverage LandVision’s data-driven mapping capabilities to search properties, look for potential opportunities, and to track and manage information. We can use the data to build maps that are easy to export and share, and this is a benefit to us and the people we work with.”

With LandVision, Bach Homes has the information they need to make smart property and asset acquisition decisions. Bach Homes has been using Digital Map Products for 10+ years, finding that it provides great value when compared to other GIS platforms and it remains their platform of choice.

LandVision helps home builders, land developers and multifamily firm to analyze parcel data, helping them discover and qualify land opportunities. Click here to learn more about how LandVision delivers a quick ROI, helping builders and developers grow their businesses.

You can also request a copy of our guide, Using Location Technology to Target the Right Buyers for Your Homes.

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