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Happy Cinco de Mayo! Expand Your Business into Mexico With Our Mexican Business Data Set

May 3, 2018
Location Data, Mexico Business Data
By: Vivian Nguyen

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! While many in the U.S. view Cinco de Mayo as a great opportunity to celebrate Mexican food and culture (and of course margaritas!), here at Digital Map Products we’re also celebrating our new Mexico business dataset and how it can help you expand your business into Mexico.

Opportunities to do business in Mexico are growing. Mexico is becoming widely known as a hotspot for innovative entrepreneurship among business leaders and an ideal market to expand into for selling goods and services or hiring skilled labor. With low labor costs and favorable trade agreements, Mexico’s high-tech manufacturing industry has been steadily growing.

Expand your business into mexico

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to launch a new business in Mexico, someone who wants to market to businesses in Mexico, or an established company looking for growth opportunities to expand into the Mexican market, you need one thing before getting started: location intelligence. It doesn’t matter if your product is physical or digital, reliable location intelligence is what is going to help you develop the partnerships your business needs to successfully do business in Mexico.

Our newly enhanced Mexico business dataset provides reliable, accurate, and actionable location-based information about Mexican businesses. You get instant access to an expansive range of high-quality data that’s continually being updated. Eager to learn more about how we can help you launch or expand your business into Mexico? Contact us today!

What is Digital Map Products’ Mexico Business Data?

Our Mexico business dataset is the largest and only location-enabled dataset for Mexico businesses, and it is trusted and used by some of the largest companies in the world. Our dataset offers over 1.5 million Mexico business records with over 95% of those records geocoded with lat/long information.

Doing business in a foreign country can be challenging, but having easy access to accurate information helps make business dealings smooth and efficient. Our data team goes through a strict process to ensure that our dataset is regularly verified from multiple sources. We only offer data that’s high quality, and we continually update data to ensure accuracy. New businesses that are added must meet our exact criteria. Information is collected with the actual latitude/longitude and street address, making it integration-ready for your location-based software or applications.

Here’s the kind of data you have access to (via SpatialStream® web services and in bulk):

Industry Sector
Major SIC Category (2 Digit)
Sub SIC Category (4 Digit)
Product or Service Description
Company Name
Address, Colonia, City, State, Zip/Postal Code

Also included when available are:

Contact Person
Annual Sales Volume
Number of Employees
Years In Business

Sub-datasets are also available, including:

Point of Interest (POI) Dataset
Mexico Manufacturers Dataset
Mexico Email Dataset
Mexico Importers and Exporters Dataset
Mexico Wholesalers & Distributors Dataset
Mexico Retailers Dataset
Mexico Head Office Dataset

How Business Data Can Help You Expand Your Business Into Mexico

Doing business in Mexico has its challenges. Aside from cultural and language barriers, you’re also dealing with a different set of laws and bureaucratic hurdles. Building strong relationships with the people you do business with is critical to your success, and the challenges are well worth it once you’ve established lucrative partnerships.

Our Mexico business dataset provides reliable information so that you’re able to confidently start conversations with the businesses that best align with your company’s objectives. In addition to business information, with a mapping application, you can get a visual representation of exactly where these businesses are located. This is especially critical for companies needing to establish cost-effective manufacturing and transportation strategies or companies wanting to locate near a point of interest.

Contact Us to Get Started Using Mexico Business Data
With our Mexico business dataset, you’ll enter business dealings armed with the location intelligence you need to move your business to the next level.

Click here to download a sample of our Mexico data to see how it can help you successfully expand your business into Mexico!

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