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How the Government Planning Department of this Small City Became More Efficient, Engaged its Citizens and Saved Them Money

February 1, 2018
Government, Success Story
By: Vivian Nguyen

GovClarity and CommunityView help the City of Calabasas, California easily research and manage property data.

When the City of Calabasas started using Digital Map Products about ten years ago, they were seeking a more efficient way to help their planning department research and manage property data. They also wanted to provide a way for citizens to easily access the property research they needed. Turns out they got exactly what they wanted and a lot more.

City of Calabasas

Finding a Way to Manage Property Data

The City of Calabasas Planning Division is a small, busy department, responsible for the administration of the City’s development process including residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed use. They must gather, manage and aggregate data, as well as review requests, plans, and much more. They are also responsible for communicating property information and plans to city residents.

Prior to onboarding Digital Map Products, finding and maintaining accurate property data was difficult and time-consuming, and it was a challenge to answer to the many citizen requests for property information in a timely, cost-effective way.

How GovClarity and CommunityView Can Help

Anyone with a question about zoning, land use, permits, etc has to go through the Planning Division to get the information they need. That includes citizens as well as government workers in other departments. Using GovClarity and CommunityView allows the planning department to provide the information everyone is seeking, quickly and efficiently. Senior Planner Michael Klein says

“It’s like having our own in-house GIS team!”

For example, here is a link to the zoning map and a link to the land use map on their website generated by Digital Map Products. This commonly requested information can be instantly accessed by anyone who needs it, without having to go through the Planning Division. Michael tells us, “CommunityView helps us push property data out to the public, and we’ve gotten phone calls from residents happy about the accessibility of property information.”

Helping Residents Save Money

Government offices save time and money when they have the tools to operate more efficiently. Residents experience direct benefits from the City of Calabasas’ use of GovClarity and CommunityView. While they certainly appreciate the ease at which they can access information, they especially appreciate when cost-saving benefits are passed down to them. For example, buffer searches help the City of Calabasas Planning Department process hearing notices more efficiently. This provides direct cost-savings to residents because they are now able to pay less for typical hearing notice fees.

Property Data All in One Place

GovClarity and CommunityView help internal operations by providing property information to every person and department who needs it. Office work and presentations are made that much easier by the ability to generate digital map displays visibly layered with data that can be used for meetings as well as reports. The visuals help convey complex land information in an easier to understand format.

Michael tells us: “Digital Map Products makes it easy to manage data because everything is in one place. We can integrate our data and shapefiles onto the platform and pair it with DMP’s county information, helping every department get the information they need, including zoning, lot size, tax maps, square footage, owner information and more.”


With all the property data they need on one platform, making it easy for government employees and City residents to get the data they need, the City of Calabasas Planning Department has the tools to easily deliver accurate property information, making for happy employees as well as happy and engaged citizens. To learn more about how we can help your city, sign up for a demo here!

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