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Local Government Mapping Software: GovClarity Spring 2017 Release

June 30, 2017
By: Vivian Nguyen

The Spring 2017 release of GovClarity offers government mapping software for local agencies.

The updates improve the way data is viewed and used to provide value to their constituents. Digital Map Products’ customer-focused updates include new user flexibilities in the following ways:

GovClarity Government Mapping Software

Prioritized Field Display with Government Mapping Software

Parcel tooltips will now have a customization feature, giving users the flexibility to manage and customize the field(s) that are presented for each parcel. This new government mapping software will allow users to change information that is presented to best suit their needs.

Retain Displayed Data Throughout Navigation

Persistent Panel State has now been implemented to allow users to navigate freely while being able to retain information identified in each card. Users can now dig deeper into the data and quickly make powerful comparisons using key features as they navigate between parcels or other map layers.

Simplified Data Display

We introduced conditional cards in our government mapping software to simplify the way property information is displayed. This further enhances and expedites the data delivered to users. The new feature will now provide users with data that are most relatable to their property searches based on land use, eliminating fields that are not associated with the individual types.

GovClarity Government Mapping Software

Data Updates

  • In just the past 12 months, we sourced, secured, and processed parcel geometry updates from counties that include over 100 million parcels.
  • Since November, we have added nearly 51 new counties totaling over 1 million parcels into the GovClarity application platform.

To learn more about how government mapping software (via GovClarity) can benefit your organization, schedule a demo today.


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