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GovClarity Fall 2013 Release is Here!

October 10, 2013
Government, Product Update
By: Richard Lin

Digital Map Products is excited about our recent GovClarity® Fall 2013 release!

The new version includes simplified search, usability enhancements, and government mapping tools – all geared to provide greater value to our local government clients.

government mapping tools, GovClarity Quick Measure

New Government Mapping Tools With GovClarity

Going further, measuring map features got even easier with Quick Measure. A new addition to the main toolbar, you can quickly measure polygons, lines, or circles in a single click. Need greater precision when drawing polygons? The new Freehand Drawing tool lets you draw custom complex polygons by dragging your mouse cursor (or finger on a touch device) and is perfect for tracing boundaries on the map.

Another usability enhancement is our deeper imagery zoom that allows you to get up close and personal with the aerial imagery in GovClarity. Thanks to all your user feedback, you can now zoom closer on both standard and custom imagery.

Our most recent version of GovClarity helps your agency improve efficiency by simplifying workflows and bringing user-friendly government mapping tools to your entire organization. We’re sure you will find it helpful!

To take a trial of GovClarity, click here.

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