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GovClarity Winter 2017 Release: Faster Performance, Enhanced UI, and Esri Services Integration

December 14, 2016
Government, Product Update
By: Richard Lin

Digital Map Products is excited to unveil the GovClarity Winter 2017 Release!

Our goal with each release is to continually evolve and improve our solutions to meet customer needs with government location maps. In our Winter 2017 Release, we’ve combined valuable customer feedback and industry best practices to further enhance discoverability and increase performance.

Better Performance and Speed with Streaming Features Layers (SFL)

GovClarity is now faster and more responsive than ever before with the introduction of SFL. This is our new vector tiling technology. The increase in performance behind the scenes gives you more power to quickly research property ownership, assess the impact of a planned development, and ensure project compliance. This helps you make better decisions.

More Discoverability with Upgraded, Configurable User Interface

Better user interface for government location maps

We redesigned the user interface. It looks cleaner and is more intuitive for a heightened user experience. We’ve added discoverability and efficiency delivered by new capabilities. This includes Tooltips when hovering over a parcel. You’ll save time with fewer clicks when searching properties, analyzing government location maps, or generating notification lists. In addition, you can now configure the Panel and Cards UI to optimally support your own unique workflows using the new Card Designer.

Compare and Contrast with the New Comparison Panel

Digital Map Products LandVision Comparison Panel

Get a deeper understanding of a property and the surrounding area by keeping a layer such as demographics up for reference while still navigating the map. You can also compare two different pieces of land using the new Comparison Panel. The Comparison Panel is generated by clicking the Copy to Compare command. This results in a duplicate panel. Once generated, the Comparison Panel information remains static. This leaves the Location Information Panel available for further navigation, discovery, and research.

Integrated Esri Feature Layers

Many agencies maintain extensive data within Esri. Now, customers can easily integrate that data within GovClarity from their own Esri servers for more efficient analysis. All of the data that’s integrated into GovClarity using government location maps reflects any changes to the data on the Esri server. This is true whether on-site or in the cloud. It also remains private and confidential.

Integrated esri feature with GovClarity
*Integrated Esri Feature Layers is a premium add-on.

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