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GovClarity Summer 2013 Release is Here!

July 23, 2013
Government, Product Update
By: Richard Lin

Digital Map Products is excited about our most recent release of GovClarity.

The new version includes usability enhancements plus new features and functionality around integrating and managing datasets and engaging constituents, helping provide greater value to our local government clients.

What’s New With GovClarity?

Notably, we’ve expanded GovClarity integration capabilities to include ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online.  This allows your entire staff to easily access key department datasets, maximizing your GIS investment and significantly widening the distribution of your GIS data, thus improving overall effectiveness of your agency This new capability adds to the variety of ways GovClarity™ helps you increase the access, usefulness, accuracy, and currency of your agency data for both your staff and the public.

CommunityView Connect

Now with the latest version of GovClarity and CommunityView module, there are even more ways for you to reach constituents and engage them in conversations to improve the community.  You can now plug CommunityView online mapping right into your own public website for a seamless user experience and options such as single topic maps for events, and department pages of your website that display information specific to what people are looking for. Additionally, with the new CommunityView Connect app, local governments can stay connected to the public through their mobile devices.  You can communicate city news, information and events to the public as well as enable residents to communicate back to you, such as by reporting graffiti or a pothole. Engaging your constituents in a meaningful dialogue has never been easier!

We’ve also made several adjustments to the usability and functionality of GovClarity including the incorporation of Auto-Authentication for streamlined user access and login, enhanced ability for users to share information at their discretion among other users, and more robust address management features. And by popular demand, we’ve enabled mobility for the Summary Window balloon, allowing you to click & drag it to your desired location.

Our most recent version of GovClarity provides your agency with the tools to extend the reach and value of existing data and systems, streamline department workflows, and engage residents. We’re sure you will find it helpful!


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