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DMP and Me: 6 Formative Events In Our Location Intelligence Journey

November 14, 2018
Digital Map Products, Location Intelligence
By: Jason Holte

In honor of GIS Day, we’re taking a look in the rear-view mirror at a few early milestones that helped shape who we are today.

Since 1999, GIS Day has served as an annual opportunity for the public to learn about geography and the applications of Geographic Information Systems. Each year, events are held worldwide to celebrate the power of location intelligence, the opportunities for growth within the industry, and to showcase real-world use cases that are currently being deployed.

Location intelligence has never been more important to the ways in which companies do business. As quoted in Forbes, the University of Redlands estimates that 80% of all business data contains geographic information. As such, a study conducted by the university found that 86% of responding companies noted “substantial use of GIS” in more than one department, and nearly half of businesses surveyed expected “high usage of GIS” within the next three years.

Our goal is, and always has been, to make location intelligence easy. We’re proud to say that we’ve come a long way, and we’re excited to say that there’s still a lot of growth on the horizon. In honor of GIS Day, we’d like to share some of the earliest steps in our journey to where we are today:

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December 1995: Initial Company Concept is Born

Everyone needs a good origin story, and for us, our story begins with a partnership. In late 1995, we established our original concept and launched as a joint venture with Psomas Engineering and Thomas Bros. Maps.

April 1997: We Sign Our First Customer

The City of Santa Ana, California became our first customer when they deployed CityGIS – our first business-to-business SaaS application. Santa Ana remains a DMP customer to this day.  

October 2000 – Digital Map Products is Established

Near the end of 2000, we struck out on our own. DMP split from Psomas Engineering and Thomas Bros. Maps and opened our first office in Costa Mesa, California. At the time, we had just five employees!

November 2001 – DMP Introduces CityGIS2

With the debut of CityGIS2 on its own platform, we introduced the first online GIS application with “dynamic pan and zoom” capability. CityGIS2 would later go on to become GovClarity.

October 2005 – ParcelStream and LandVision Debut

In the last quarter of 2005, two pillars of the DMP platform were born. First, we deployed our ParcelStream (now SpatialStream) web service to power Cyberhomes, the internet’s first online consumer real estate website. We also released the first version of our LandVision application to serve the builder and developer market.

Digital Map Products - LandVision - Location Intelligence Debut

September 2008 – Partnership with Google on Nationwide Parcel Database

Any time you have a chance to work with one of the titans of the tech industry, you jump at the opportunity. We partnered with Google, our largest customer at the time, to accelerate the development of our nationwide parcel database.

We have been fortunate to continue to experience major milestones since 2008, as well. DMP provides location intelligence solutions to major players in the builder and developer, commercial real estate, online real estate, and mobile app industries, in addition to energy, utility, oil and gas, and many more. With our acquisition of DMTI Spatial in 2017, we were able to expand our offerings to include Canada. This year has also seen our web services and application integration with Esri ArcGIS.

It is an exciting time to be working in the GIS industry, and we are encouraged by the ever-present room for growth that we see. If you’re interested in learning more about how the DMP platform can help you harness the power of location intelligence in your industry, contact us today!

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