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How Brookfield Residential uses LandVision to Find New Development Opportunities

June 26, 2018
Home Building, Success Story
By: Vivian Nguyen

Learn how LandVision helps Brookfield Residential identify profitable development opportunities.

Leading North American land developer and homebuilder Brookfield Residential wanted a more effective way to discover lucrative land development opportunities. They sought out a platform that could deliver reliable land data to assess and discover new development opportunities while improving efficiency and saving time for their team. Enter LandVision.

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Who is Brookfield Residential?

Brookfield Residential is a land developer and homebuilder with offices located throughout North America. Their mission is to create the best possible spaces for people to call home, from the development of award-winning master-planning communities to the design and construction of premier homes and commercial properties, providing an exceptional customer experience is at the center of it all.

Nicole Burdette is Senior Vice President of Business Strategies, and she spoke to us about how her team uses LandVision to acquire and assess land development opportunities.

Accurate Property Data Leads to Smart Business Decisions on New Land Development Opportunities

As a land developer, available properties often come to Brookfield Residential from other brokers or from referrals. As soon as properties come in, Nicole and her team can instantly pull up information in LandVision to better understand the dynamics of the property, and can quickly access whether it is a good opportunity. For example, they can see the school district, demographics, confirm who the owner is, and see whether there is debt on the property. A quick search in LandVision helps them instantly understand if this is an opportunity worth looking into or if they should move on.

Brookfield Residential also uses LandVision to find new properties. Nicole’s team knows what kind of properties their clients are looking for, and LandVision ensures they are working with reliable data to find the best possible options. The search function can be used to filter very specific criteria so that Nicole’s team is only looking at the properties that best align with what buyers are looking for. They can filter for the county, school boundaries, property type, ownership, aggregate parcel size and more.

The accuracy and reliability of LandVision data help Nicole’s team operate efficiently, allowing them to meet business objectives faster.

“In our business, we are always on a time crunch. With LandVision, the information we need is in one spot, meaning we can make decisions quickly. This ultimately saves us time and money, and that’s one of the best results.”

Flexible, Easy-to-Use Platform to Meet Specific Goals

LandVision is part of the DMP platform offering flexibility. It can be configured to meet specific business goals and to grow with your company. Nicole tells us that her team relies on DMP’s customer support to ensure they are leveraging LandVision for maximum potential:

“The Digital Map Products team has done some customization for us on different projects. Their team really wants to understand if anything is missing, and they take feedback very seriously. This collaborative relationship helps address our needs.”

Best of all, you don’t need to be a GIS expert to get the most out of LandVision. Nicole tells us that LandVision is easy for new team members to start using and still delivers powerful results.

“We’ve been using LandVision for over a decade and have seen it evolve over time. It’s user-friendly for non-GIS people. It’s easy to learn and the results are easy to understand.”

Thank You to Brookfield Residential!

Our thanks to Nicole and the entire Brookfield Residential team! We are thrilled to know that LandVision plays such an important role in your company’s growth, and we look forward to sharing new ways to continue supporting your team in the future.

Great Story! How Do I Get Started?

Builders, land developers, and commercial real estate brokers use LandVision for instant access to property data to quickly find and analyze new business opportunities. Everything is on one platform, helping streamline information for fast, effective decision making. With LandVision data in hand, you’ve got the information you need to research leads and become the trusted expert in your market.

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