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Anticipate Future Opportunities: Announcing an Exciting Update to LandVision Builder Developer Edition

September 13, 2017
Land Acquisition, Product Update
By: Vivian Nguyen

This article includes information about new features in LandVision such as environmental hazard data and trade are analysis for home builders and developers.

Are you a home builder, land developer or a builder focused on multifamily development? We’ve helped some of the top home builders in the country effectively capitalize on land opportunities using intelligent parcel analysis and competitive market evaluations. So if you focus your time on identifying, qualifying land and asset acquisition opportunities, then read on!

The latest release of LandVision™ offers new and enhanced features to help builders and developers like you identify and make the best investments. For our newest product release, we are excited to announce four featured updates along with many more enhancements we know you’ll love!

Summer 2017 Update LandVision BDE Heatmap

With these four new featured updates, you can:

1. Better Understand Market Data and Identify the Best Opportunities with Demographic Information

Our demographic layers have been updated with the addition of ten new cards, containing nearly 100 new data fields. Demographic information can be used to conduct research and identify prime locations to give your development the best chance of succeeding. Whether you are looking to develop storage units, build senior housing or a new single-family home community, this updated demographic information will be key to your research. Our most successful customers make research a priority. So be sure to get a better understanding of the current market and project its future growth with location data and visualization.

LandVision BDE update demographic data

The new demographic layers will include:

• Population by Age
• Households by Income
• Families by Income
• Households by Rent Value
• Households by Year
• Households by Inhabitants
• Employment Travel Time
• Education Attainment
• Retail Sales ($)
• Crime Statistics

2. Conduct Deeper Research and Make Smarter Decisions With New Environmental Hazard Data – Including Datasets for Brownfield and Superfund Sites

environmental hazard data

In this release, we’ve also added two new environmental hazard data layers: Superfund and brownfield sites. Cleaning up land with potential hazardous waste can be costly. So make sure your land acquisition decisions are correct by exploring all the costs and risks. The new environmental hazard data can help you and your team identify potential risks associated with sites containing hazardous waste, lowering the cost of acquisition and ultimately increasing your bottom line.

3. Confirm Data History with Our New “About the Data” Feature

Be confident in the data and in your conclusions with our new “about the data” feature. Available within the parcel and county location information panels, our new card displays the most recent date for each parcel including tax roll and transaction data sets within a specific county. These dates can serve as a guideline to help you understand the age of the data that you’re currently using for research. Also found in the “about the data” card, is the new “report data issue,” created to quickly and easily collect data feedback from our users.

4. Conduct Competitive Research with Trade Area Analysis

Trade Area Analysis, commercial real estate tools

Take your market research to the next level with this new enhancement to our trade area analysis. This trade area analysis now gives you the ability to generate trade areas from any point layer. The new feature will allow you to quickly pull up a visual comparison of multiple sites, enables you to compare and evaluate the attractiveness of each site. Whether you are looking for a

The new feature will allow you to quickly pull up a visual comparison of multiple sites, enables you to compare and evaluate the attractiveness of each site. Whether you are looking for a multifamily site and its proximity to public transit stations or a student housing development and its proximity to schools or restaurants, we can now visually assist you in finding the best site.

That’s not all! Make better decisions using the following additional enhancements available in the new product release!

In addition to our new featured updates, we’ve also added several improvements that will enhance your use of the software:

  • We made on-screen improvements resulting in a much clearer and smoother user experience with our Bing 8 update.
  • We improved the way you use and access our TimeView feature by adding it as a toolbar command.
  • We added heat mapping as a layer to help you visualize dense pockets for a better understanding of your mapped results.
  • We also added an extra 50 new builders to the builder sites feature, now totaling over 300 builders.

If you’re a current user of LandVision, we hope you will love using these new features like the new environmental hazard data. If you’ve been wondering if LandVision is right for you, this is the perfect time to get a fresh look.

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