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LandVision Helps this Midstream Oil & Gas Company Streamline Property Research

May 17, 2019
Oil & Gas Pipeline, Right Of Way Projects
By: Jason Holte

Enterprise Products Lead Land Analyst Audra Lund and her team rely on LandVision™ to understand surface ownership, acquire right-of-way, manage assets, and perform due diligence.

Accurate property data is critical for midstream oil & gas companies in order to effectively track and manage land acquisition. Acquiring right-of-way for laying new pipeline assets, performing due diligence, and keeping records of land tracts all require accessible, reliable property data in order to properly understand surface ownership and other factors that may impact a property.

Pipeline assets | How LandVision helps Enterprise Products understand surface ownership

About Enterprise Products Midstream Energy Services

Enterprise Products Partners L.P. is one of the largest publicly traded partnerships in North America and a leading provider of midstream energy services to producers and consumers of natural gas, natural gas liquids, crude oil, refined products, and petrochemicals. They operate throughout the United States.

Lund’s department is responsible for acquiring right-of-way to lay new pipeline, and they also handle due diligence and maintain surface ownership records for tracts of land acquired by the company.

Leverage Centralized Location Data and Understand Surface Ownership to Develop Efficient Workflows

Prior to using our map-based real estate application, LandVision, Lund’s team faced problems common to companies requiring detailed, accurate property data. First, data was coming from disparate sources, making it challenging to gather and frequently unreliable. Second, collecting the information they needed to plan out projects and perform due diligence required a significant amount of time.

Lund’s team was typically doing research in courthouses, county assessor offices, or having to travel to specific properties to gather surface ownership information, which was a time-consuming and inefficient process. Convinced there had to be a better way, Enterprise Products turned to LandVision.

Using LandVision, Lund’s team is able to gather accurate research using a single application. “The land department benefits by aggregating detailed research from multiple counties in one place,” Lund shares. “We no longer have to go county to county to get the information we need.”

LandVision allows users to instantly access property data from anywhere in the country. This includes parcel data, complete surface ownership information, land use, hazard data, and much more. “LandVision saves our department time and money, in terms of travel costs and courthouse fees, because onsite research has been reduced,” Lund explains. “Everything can be done in-house, faster.”

Easily Integrate Your Own Data

LandVision offers access to detailed nationwide property data that can be easily paired with the data your company already collects to ensure optimal research efficiency. Enterprise Products combines nationwide property information from LandVision with proprietary data to produce a dynamic visualization of where their assets are located, including pipelines, valves, and other facilities.

In addition to reviewing existing data alongside property data in LandVision, users are also able to review projects in pre-planning phases to assess problems before they occur. For example, Lund’s team is able to overlay plans for new pipeline assets onto a digital map. In doing this, they are able to review those plans against surface ownership information, and they can also review potential problems such as land use prohibitions or hazards before a project ever gets started.

The ability to create lists of property owners helps Enterprise Products save a significant amount of time. When a new plan is ready, Enterprise Products can generate a detailed property ownership list with the help of complete owner portfolios. “Time is limited for us, and projects have to be done ASAP,” Lund says. “LandVision enables us to quickly identify property ownership and details for various tasks.”

Streamline Collaboration Across Project Teams

Enterprise Products works throughout the country, with the company’s team members often operating in remote locations. LandVision can be accessed from anywhere, making it an invaluable resource during fieldwork. Data can be uploaded into LandVision and reviewed in real time, ensuring teams are able to efficiently work together using the same data.

Data can be easily shared across project teams to ensure all key stakeholders have access to consistent location information. “LandVision allows multiple departments to access and utilize the same data we’re using in the land department,” says Lund. “Some teams were hesitant at first, but now that everyone has seen what a strong application LandVision is, everyone is on board!”

How the DMP Platform Helps Oil & Gas Companies Understand Surface Ownership & More

Built on the cloud-based DMP location intelligence platform, LandVision is trusted by oil & gas companies throughout North America to help them understand surface ownership and streamline property data research and analysis.

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