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3 Good Reasons to Embrace Digital Transformation

May 8, 2019
Cloud-Based Software, Location Intelligence
By: Jason Holte

Not convinced that digital transformation is for you or your organization? Think again!

The digital revolution is coming to [insert your industry here]!

Chances are, you have seen at least one article in the past year or so with some variant of the title above. Digital transformation has taken on near-mythical qualities as industry experts predict that technology will soon transform everything from commercial real estate to government operations. But for as much effort that has gone into explaining how new technologies may impact the way we work, there hasn’t always been an equal effort to explain what digital transformation is or why leading professionals should embrace new technologies.

Location Intelligence and Digital Transformation

A recent article from TechRepublic seeks to demystify digital transformation and explain what exactly it means for businesses:

“Digital transformation standardizes platforms to allow for easy, real-time access to data to assist in driving the business by improving efficiencies and enhancing customer experiences,” said Pam Feeney, sales operations manager at Keystone Partners.

There is a lot to unpack in this quote, but broadly speaking, digital transformation involves the use of data to achieve a defined business goal or set of goals. As technology providers ourselves, we think it’s even simpler. Regardless of the industry, here are three key boxes that we believe any new technology should check in order to truly deliver value to an organization:

Technology Solutions Should Make Work Processes Easier and More Cost-Effective

At its core, digital transformation should be about reducing the obstacles that stand in the way of productivity. The use of technology should save an organization time and money as compared to manual processes, but it’s extremely important to invest wisely rather than cast a wide net and adopt applications and services that only address a portion of their employees’ needs at a time.

Did you know that in 2017, found that the average enterprise uses 37 productivity tools and cloud services? If organizations can identify and implement technology solutions that consolidate several workflows within a single interface, then employees can save time that would otherwise be spent switching between several applications. This can also help an organization significantly reduce the number of subscriptions it has to pay on a yearly basis.

Digital Transformation Should Remove Pain Points, Not Create Them

The long-term value of a new technology ultimately comes down to adoption. If an application or service is so complex that only a handful of power users can fully utilize it, then that technology will only serve to create new pinch points in a business process. When evaluating technology solutions, organizations must ensure that they are user-friendly so that all key stakeholders within a workflow will be able to benefit from its adoption.

Digital Transformation Should Pave the Way for Future Innovations

It’s not enough for new technology to simply automate processes that are currently manual, replace existing systems, and be easy to adopt. Organizations that fully embrace digital transformation will surely continue to evaluate and invest in technology solutions in the future. This means any system they adopt today must be compatible with any that they may incorporate down the road. The best solutions will be those that can integrate with the systems an organization already uses (such as customer relationship management systems [CRMs]), as well as those with a professional services team at the ready to assist with any current and future customizations.

How LandVision™ Facilitates Digital Transformation

The extensibility of our map-based real estate application, LandVision, makes it an ideal choice for any organization looking to streamline its access to property and market insights. LandVision is easy to onboard and ready to go out of the box with the location information an organization needs to conduct property research, site selection, and numerous other tasks and begin seeing immediate results. This includes ownership details, property characteristics, assessed values, transaction histories, detailed demographics, and more. The ability to access current, accurate location information within a single application eliminates the need to collect records from the county assessor and manually update internal systems, saving time and any costs associated with current processes. For organizations using multiple applications and services to gather data, this also helps reduce the subscription costs associated with these tools and the time spent jumping from application to application.

LandVision also allows organizations to easily import and visualize their own proprietary data as well as other third-party data that may contribute to their research and analysis. And for advanced workflows such as integrating legacy systems and CRMs, our Professional Services team works with organizations of all sizes to create custom solutions to their most complex problems so that they can focus on driving results.

We’d love to show you why real estate professionals, government entities, utilities, telecommunications companies, and more rely on LandVision as their go-to source for location information. Schedule a demo today for a hands-on look at how LandVision can help your organization, or take a look at our customer success stories to see how we’ve created solutions for your industry! You can also download our digital transformation checklist.

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