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Digital Map Products Updates SpatialStream Adding Streaming Feature Layers

July 12, 2016
Parcel Data, Product Update
By: Richard Lin

Established for developers building real estate applications, Digital Map Products’ cloud platform SpatialStream delivers unparalleled levels of performance and interactivity with new Streaming Feature Layers in its latest update. In addition, DMP announces the availability of property attribute data matched to DMP SmartParcels accessible via SpatialStream.

SpatialStream mapping development platform

SpatialStream Empowers End Users

SpatialStream’s new Streaming Feature Layers (SFL) is a client-side application code enabling developers to empower their end users to rapidly access, discover, and interact with their geographic data while bypassing the lengthy learning and development curve for how to optimize spatial application performance. SFL employs a set of new methods to efficiently deliver vector data to either browser-based or mobile devices using modern “vector tile” techniques.

Interactive Access to Parcel Data and Property Information

SFL can be enabled on both transactional and published data sources. In conjunction with these advanced client-side capabilities, DMP announces new Published SpatialStream (PSS) format which incorporates the latest technologies in compression to provide interactive access to parcel data and related property information. PSS is optimized for high volume spatial applications, implementing Google Protocol buffers (protobuf) which Google reports as operating 20-100 times faster than XML on structured data while being 3-10 times smaller. Using DMP PSS data as an SFL layer, developers can build applications that access parcels and parcel-related property information such as owner name, property land use, and last sale date on the fly and add the functionality with just a few lines of code.

SpatialStream Can Be Customized to Meet Your Needs

Developers utilizing SpatialStream are free to choose the web mapping platform that best meets their specific application requirements, as the new SFL capabilities and other SpatialStream APIs support all of the leading platforms. As DMP has seen an increased interest in open source solutions, developers will now find numerous new samples of SpatialStream components as Leaflet samples. DMP also has developer partners deploying our API through Bing, ESRI ArcGIS Online, Google, and Mapbox applications.

SFL, PSS, and other related new capabilities are deployed as code examples within the ParcelStream Code Examples page.

ParcelStream provides API access to DMP’s SmartParcels parcel and property data which cover >92% of all properties in the US. The industry-leading currency of SmartParcels data is driven by matched recorded real estate sales transactions, ensuring that when your application calls for the parcel record, it reflects the most current ownership, transaction, and property valuation information commercially available.

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