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Digital Map Products Named a Finalist for 2017 Association for Corporate Growth Awards

April 21, 2017
Cloud-Based Software, Digital Map Products
By: Richard Lin

Announcing new recognition for our award-winning software.

Digital Map Products is excited to announce that we’ve been named a finalist for the 2017 ACG Awards!

Management Team

Here’s a Quick Summary from Our Press Release:

Digital Map Products, the leading provider of cloud-based location technology and data solutions, announced today that it has been named a finalist for the 22nd Annual ACG Awards. Each May, the Orange County chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) recognizes and honors a select group of companies who demonstrate outstanding growth and leadership in their respective industries. Digital Map Products award-winning software is one of three finalists for ACG’s Innovation category.

And a Few Thoughts from Our CEO and Founder, Jim Skursynski:

“We’re honored to be named a finalist for the 2017 ACG Awards here in Orange County. I’m incredibly proud of our staff, the work we completed in the last year to further advance our cloud-based location technology and I’m especially proud of our ability to deliver strong, double-digit growth each year.” 

Now, we continue the innovation in 2017. We’re setting bigger targets for growth and releasing new features in support of our customers!

Did you know?

  • Digital Map Products serves over 1,000 business and government customers by applying location technology and data to help them make better, faster decisions
  • Over 350,000 users rely upon our location technology and data, enabling communication to their customers and constituents
  • We estimate that approximately 176 million people in the United States (more than half of the population) benefit directly or indirectly from the data we deliver
  • SmartParcels offers access to powerful reporting and data solutions covering more than 152 million properties, 99% of the United States population including all major cities/metropolitan areas and most rural areas
  • SmartParcels includes over 141 million parcel boundaries matched with property records, across more than 2,800 counties, covering over 94% of United States parcel boundaries
  • We update over 72 million data records every month, delivering the most accurate and timely information possible
  • We offer bulk and cloud-based delivery of content and web services to 4 out of the 6 top real estate websites, including the single largest consumer web portal for home buyers, and 2 of the top 3 multiple Listing Service companies (MLS) in the United States
  • Through SpatialStream, in aggregate, customer sites access our servers via multiple data centers more than 3.5 billion times per month (1,328 times per second)

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