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How to Give Online Home Shoppers What They Want with Location Data & Technology

January 24, 2019
Real Estate
By: Jason Holte

Real estate is still a location business. Learn how to leverage location data to improve the digital homebuying experience.

When it comes to a real estate company’s digital customer experience, homebuyers have high expectations. If they don’t receive the digital experience that they have come to expect, then they may take their business elsewhere.

How to use location data & technology to improve the digital homebuying experience

According to Re-Tech, venture capital investments in the real estate technology sector reached a new peak in 2017. Much of the nearly $13 billion invested was dedicated to “traditional real estate companies that are tech-enabled.” Established players and startups alike are at risk of falling behind in this highly competitive space if they fail to embrace technology.

A strong location intelligence platform will allow real estate companies to stream location data into the web portals, digital maps, and mobile applications that homebuyers have come to expect. Our new guide, Using Location Technology & Data to Improve the Digital Homebuying Experience, contains three key lessons that real estate companies should consider when developing a new digital tool:

1. Put the User First

When developing online real estate tools, it is imperative to approach the process from a user-first perspective. Be sure to identify and implement easy-to-use features that will best serve the unique needs of homebuyers. Our guide will show you the questions you’ll need to answer in order to put your end users first.

2. Develop Tools to Feature Dynamic Property Listings

Whether you already have an app that needs optimization, or you’re just getting started with an idea of what you’d like to develop, location intelligence will help maximize your app’s value to homebuyers. Further, integrating location data via a web service or API allows you to highlight critical decision criteria to your end-user. We’ll walk you through the most common application that you can develop and how they can be improved with location intelligence.

3. Leverage Location Data & Technology to Maximize the Value of Your App

Building a customer-facing app can become unwieldy if you’re relying on disparate data sources to deliver all the information homebuyers need. You can avoid unnecessary complexities that often waste time and money by choosing a single location intelligence solution that allows you to stream all of the property data you need right into your app, website, or portal. Read our guide to learn why the DMP location intelligence platform is trusted by some of the biggest names in online real estate to help them deliver best-in-class digital customer experiences!

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