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Research with Confidence: Introducing a New Update for LandVision Commercial Real Estate

September 13, 2017
Commercial Real Estate
By: Vivian Nguyen

As we make updates to our software and the data behind it, we make them with commercial brokers in mind. We want you focused on providing your clients with the best information possible to find ideal land and commercial sites.

As a CRE broker, researcher or marketer, you know that selecting the right location is one of the toughest challenges of the job. We know this because our property information discovery and real estate mapping software is trusted by over 17,000 CRE brokers in the country.

Here’s what you need to know about the new update. Whether you are a customer or interested in becoming one, there’s a lot to love about LandVision™!

You already know that commercial real estate tools offer great value and LandVision has new and enhanced features (including Bing Maps V8 imagery) to help you identify, research, and track new opportunities. For this new update, we are excited to announce three featured updates along with many more enhancements we know you’ll love.

With these three featured updates, you can:

1. Define Market Attractiveness with New Demographic Data Fields

Our demographics layer has been updated with the addition of ten new cards, containing nearly 100 new data fields. Demographic data information can be used to conduct research and identify locations that best fits a company’s target market. By leveraging this updated information, you will immediately improve your understanding of the market, enhance your analysis capabilities, and discover the best opportunities for your clients. The new cards will include these demographic data:

demographic data, commercial real estate tools

  • Population by Age
  • Households by Income
  • Families by Income
  • Households by Rent Value and by Year
  • Households by Inhabitants
  • Employment Travel Time
  • Education Attainment
  • Retail Sales ($)
  • Crime Information

2. Improve Your Competitive Research Using Our New Trade Area Analysis Feature

Trade Area Analysis, commercial real estate tools

Another exciting enhancement to support your research success is the ability to generate trade areas from any point layer. This will help you do further competitive and trade analysis on multiple sites along with offering a visual comparison. Whether your client is looking at convenience to public transit, restaurants, fuel stops or analyzing current market competition, you and your staff will love this new enhancement.

3. Confirm Data History Using the New About Our Data Feature

Be confident in the data and the results of your research with our new “About Our Data” card feature. Available within the parcel and county location information panels, our new card will display the most recent data date of parcels, tax roll, and transaction data sets within a specific county. These dates can serve as a guideline to help you understand the age of the data that you’re currently researching, and help you and your team conduct a deeper analysis for areas. Also found in the “About The Data” card, is the new “Report Data Issue,” created to easily collect data feedback from our users.

That’s Not All! Now Research with Ease Using These Additional Enhancements.

In addition to our new research-focused feature updates, we have a number of other great updates, including Bing Maps V8 imagery:

bing 8 imagery, cre tools

  • Our move to Bing Maps V8 imagery offers new on-screen improvements result in a much clearer and smoother user experience
  • We made other changes to improve the way you use and access TimeView by adding it as a toolbar command
  • Our mobile app, Connect for LandVision CRE, is now easier to use. It was also improved for smoother navigation
  • We added heat mapping as a layer to help you get a better visualization of the density of your data
  • We added extra data layers to LandVision CRE. These will help you identify environmental hazard as well as builder site updates to view active developments

If you’re a current user of LandVision, you will love using these new features. If you’ve been wondering if LandVision is right for you, this is the perfect time to get a fresh look.

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