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How CRE Brokers Can Break Through Market Noise and Win More Deals

September 1, 2017
Commercial Real Estate
By: Vivian Nguyen

In today’s tech-enabled world, it takes more than a strong personality to beat your competition.

If you’ve been in commercial real estate long enough, you have likely heard pretty repetitive advice about what it takes to “make it.” Passion, hard work, integrity, proactive effort, and market knowledge are among the most commonly cited traits CRE brokers need to win more CRE deals. While this sort of advice will help brokers find some degree of success in commercial real estate, it’s not what’s going to position them as market leaders.

The key to breaking through the market noise to win more deals? It’s knowing how to leverage market information faster and better than anyone else.

CRE Brokers Do More for Success

Everyone in commercial real estate knows you need the best possible information to find and land more CRE deals. But few seem to know how to use the information in a meaningful way. Here’s how you can leverage market information to break through the noise and win more CRE deals.

First, What’s Market Noise in Commercial Real Estate?

Market noise is the opposite of information. In a competitive market like commercial real estate, potential clients are saturated with promotional clutter and therefore have a difficult time understanding what services will truly benefit them. Everyone claims to be the best at what they do, everyone claims to be hardworking and trustworthy, and everyone seems to have a proven track record of good CRE deals. Clients want to know what makes you different from any of them.

You need to cut through the noise to beat your competitors, and the only way to do this is with dynamic, actionable information that is different from what everyone else is pushing. Your information – and how you use it – is what sets you apart.

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Information is Power for CRE Brokers

The way you find and use market information is proof of concept that you know your market and you know how to deliver on what your clients want.

In today’s digital workplace, brokers have access to their choice of technology platforms to help optimize various processes. When it comes to gathering and analyzing real estate information, nothing compares to a powerful Geographic Information System (GIS). GIS or as you know it as mapping software and data technology helps CRE brokers work smarter and faster by providing a data-layered, map-based visual of a market in a way that creates new insights and opportunities others have likely missed. You might think you know your market, but when you combine spatial data with non-spatial data like owner portfolios, comps, land use and more, you will reveal previously unseen opportunities.

Mapping software and data technology help brokers develop fresh market insights by gathering information faster and aggregating data for a thorough analysis. For example, if you live in an area where land is locked up, you need to create opportunities rather than wait for them to come to you. A search for landowner information could reveal several parcels of land owned by the same person. A complete portfolio analysis might reveal a landowner who’s not local and is eager to sell. Or perhaps you’re looking for urban infill land. A search for older buildings combined with various points of interest could present a set of opportunities your competitors missed. The search combinations are only limited by your imagination.

How Mapping Software and Data Helps CRE Brokers Win More CRE Deals

You break through the market noise when you’re able to present clients with the information they can trust, and data that’s better than what any of your competitors are able to bring to the table. Using commercial real estate tools like LandVision allows you to search multiple layers of data, pointing you toward real opportunities – including off-market options – and the people you should be talking to make those opportunities a reality.

A mapping software and data platform close the real estate data loop, allowing brokers to visually capture and manage the information they want and need quickly and easily. Brokers using a mapping software and data platform such as LandVision  are able to provide robust, visually appealing presentations, helping clients feel empowered by their access to actionable data that will support their decision-making process. Mapping software and data technology develop a collaborative broker-client relationship because brokers are truly able to deliver on the terms their clients request with accuracy and precision.

The technology you choose can be the difference between winning and losing a deal. Mapping software and data technology will direct you to the best opportunities, armed with the knowledge and information you need to win more deals than your competition.

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