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COVID-19 Virtual Briefing Session Overview

March 18, 2020
By: LightBox Team

COVID-19 was recently declared a Pandemic by both the World Health Organization (WHO) and US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and is impacting communities across the United Sates and the globe.

The health and safety of our employees, customers and partners is our top priority and on March 17th we sponsored a virtual briefing session in partnership with RANE, a leader in enabling risk professionals to more efficiently respond to emerging threats and complex risks.

This virtual session, Addressing the Physical and Psychological needs of the COVID-19 Virus, featured two world-renowned medical experts who helped listeners separate the facts from the noise, and gave a measured, rational way of processing the barrage of alarmist information making the headlines today.

Click here to read a summary of the webinar and watch the replay

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