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Brokers, Builders and Developers: Increase Efficiency with Our Latest LandVision Improvements

December 21, 2017
Commercial Real Estate, Home Building, Product Update
By: Vivian Nguyen

We’re pleased to introduce three key updates to LandVision that will improve the way that commercial real estate brokers, builders, and land developers work.

To help you, we identified the most used research features within LandVision and enhanced them to ensure we’re delivering the most value for you.

For brokers doing commercial real estate analysis, these enhanced features enable you to:

• Have a more thorough understanding of historical transactions on a specific property
• Proactively determine potential hazards that may impact the desirableness of a property or assemblage
• Quickly assess market trends by looking at retail density or transactions within an area

For builders and developers, these enhanced features enable you to:

• Strategically locate build site opportunities using hyper-targeted demographics
• Analyze your competition by locating nearby active communities
• Ensure project success with detailed ownership, prior sale, and hazard information

About the enhanced features:

1. More comprehensive property reports

Both our Property Detail Reports and Site Profile reports are commonly used to determine property value, historical land information, demographic information, and much more.

In our previous LandVision release, we strengthened our demographic information by adding nearly 100 new, highly requested attributes, including population by age, households by income, and crime statistics. Within LandVision, you can define “drive time” and “mileage radius” rings around a specific property to determine what the demographic profile looks like within those rings.

For this release, we’ve updated our Site Profile report to include this level of detail, so you can easily validate your decision to proceed (or not!) on a property or parcel.
We’ve also made improvements to our Property Detail Report, which includes three new sections:

• Last transfer of ownership
• Prior sale information
• Hazard information

This information gives you a deep dive on the historical value of a property and its surrounding area to help you make better-informed decisions.

2. Faster access to information

Efficiency is imperative for a fast-paced market, and we can help you stay ahead of that pace. With this release, we’ve improved the way in which you access your most important information.
“Tooltip” is a feature in LandVision that allows you to hover over a parcel and quickly see a property address, APN, or multi-unit information. You can now customize the information that displays on your Tooltip to be specific to your needs (e.g. lot square footage, land use category, or one of the other 25 fields), right from the Tooltip itself. This improvement has reduced the number of clicks required to edit your information from 5 to 1, giving you the ability to conduct research faster.

3. Powerful visualization with heat mapping

LandVision heatmap for brokers and builder developers

Heat maps provide a simple, “at a glance” way to understand complex data. With heat maps, you can quickly conduct a competitive analysis of active neighboring communities or determine general market trends like foreclosure density or retail corridor density.
We understand that the way in which you work isn’t always linear, which is why this release gives you the ability to generate a heat map from multiple places (e.g. layer or a list) within LandVision using your unique parameters.

Brokers, builders, and developers can now enjoy enhanced reporting, faster access to information, and powerful heat map visualization with these key LandVision improvements. Ready for a demo? Contact us today.

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