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Make City Planning Easier with Our Latest GovClarity Update

September 25, 2017
Government, Product Update
By: Vivian Nguyen

Most cities are already busy making plans for the new year. If that includes your city and you need to maximize your city planning budget, read on!

Over 200 cities and counties across the United States use our GIS software application, GovClarity, to tackle smart city planning, data mapping, get access to city parcel maps and property address verification.

The Result for City Planning Projects?

“These cities reduce the workload for their city staff and provide more value to their constituents.”

Every update and enhancement to our GIS software and location data are made with you in mind. We want to help you stay focused on serving the public and communities with data-driven visuals that will help make crucial planning decisions. GovClarity gives local government agencies the tools and data to support city planning and community outreach. This includes the ability to send notifications, view city parcel maps, update zoning data, analyze hazard data to help your staff and your city evolve.

For this latest update, we’ll be introducing 4 new features that will help you serve your city even better!

Data visuals for city planning


1.  Conduct Land Research to Make Key City Planning Decisions with City Parcel Maps and Our New Hazard Data Layer

Now available in GovClarity is the new hazard data layer detailing the Superfund and brownfield sites in your community. You will love the land use and zoning benefits for your planning department and for public safety response planning.

Hazard Data, city planning, city parcel maps

2.  Quickly Assess the Relative Importance of Data Records by Creating Heat Maps

Heat maps are useful for geographic targeting and highly impactful for city planning with key staff. You can now create and style a heat map from any layer (standard layer or your agency data loaded as a layer) with a command found in the layers panel.

3.  Understand the Details Behind the Data with Our “About the Data” Feature

You can now understand the data and make key city planning decisions with our new “about the data” feature. Available within the parcel and county location information panels, our new data will display data including the most recent date of parcels, tax roll, and transaction data sets within a specific county. These dates can be used to help your team conduct the best analysis possible. We’re also saving you time by making it easy to report data questions to our support team.

4. Get a Better Understanding of Your Constituents with Our New Demographic Layers

Now available as an add-on for GovClarity, the new demographic layer will provide you with detailed demographic information to help ensure the success of city planning. Examples for use include new transit and infill development using demographic data like these:

•   Population by age
•   Households by income
•   Families by income
•   Households by rent value
•   Households by year
•   Households by inhabitants
•   Employment travel time
•   Education attainment
•   Retail sales ($)
•   Crime information

That’s not all!

These additional updates will help you visualize the data within your city and conduct better research in less time:

•   On-screen changes result in a much clearer and smoother user experience with our support of new Bing Maps v8
•   New oblique images (photos taken from a 45-degree angle) of properties in your community – also a benefit of Bing Maps v8
•   Improvements in the way you use and access TimeView (an add-on feature) – it’s now more accessible as a toolbar command

If you’re a current local government user of GovClarity, we hope you will love using these new features.

And if you’re curious to see if GovClarity is right for your city, click here now to request a demo!

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