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Cities Satisfy Residents, Save Money with GIS in the Cloud

August 17, 2011
Government, Success Story
By: Richard Lin

Cities have long been at the forefront of using GIS technology to share data with their citizens and help their staff do their jobs more effectively.

Longview, Washington, a town of 35,000 located between Seattle and Portland, is one great example of such spatially savvy cities. Longview is also on the cutting edge of using cloud-based technology in new and innovative ways.

How Longview, WA Uses Spatial Technology to Engage with Citizens

Longview’s city staff works hard to foster a strong sense of community engagement. For years, citizens had been asking for city and community data to be available in an interactive format online. Many cities feel this same demand: in the Google era, citizens want to be able to find their own answers to questions 24 hours a day. But, like many cities of its size, Longview didn’t have the budget, manpower, or time to build a custom interactive GIS interface. They turned to Digital Map Products’ CityGIS™ and CommunityView™ for a software-as-a-service solution that was both faster and less expensive than building it themselves.

Digital Map Products CommunityView™ in Action

CommunityView GIS Technology

Now residents of Longview can go to the city’s website to see property and community information. Using the city’s CommunityView™ powered online maps, residents can:

  • Get detailed information about the city’s facilities and parks
  • Find their garbage and recycling collection dates
  • Look up water and sewer utility data
  • See bike routes and trails on a map
  • Get zoning and property information
  • Research public school locations and statistics
  • Access information about bus stops, bus routes, and ADA cutout ramps

The results for Longview have been impressive. City staff receives fewer phone calls and walk-in requests for information. There is an increased awareness of city services and community amenities. Residents can find information any time day or night. And an added bonus for the city was that it actually saved money with the system, an important benefit in this tight economy.

If your city is doing innovative things with spatial technology and cloud computing, we’d love to hear about them and share those ideas with our readers.

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